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Episode # 943 - Sister Alicia Torries Premier Show

July 9, 2014

Today is a very special show, not only is it live (since the past few shows have been rebroadcasts), but we are pleased to welcome back Sister Alicia Torres who was a previous guest on the show, now a guest host.  With her today is three special guests/friends: Patricia Klein, Father Connor Danstrom and Megan Miller who Sister Alicia Torres knows from Mundlein Seminary.  Before the main discussion, Sister Alicia talks a little bit about herself and what she has been doing since her guest visit on the show a while back, including what kids have been doing at the  summer Bible Camp, having fun and at the same time, learning a lot.  The main topics these four discuss today are the Eucharist and Evangelization and a beautiful opportunity that has been going on in Chicago since October  with these two things in mind, a special program called Night Fever, each voicing their own opinions and views on these subjects, as well as mentioning things about their own personal history and how programs like Night Fever began and got organized for all to experience.  Everyone on the show today invite all listeners to come and either volunteer with programs like Night Fever and/or to come and experience these wonderful events.  For more information on Night Fever, visit On a different topic, Sister Alicia Torres talks about the recent violence and tragedy that has been happening in Chicago causing many to feel depressed or down or hurt, asking all three of her guests/friends how they feel on this, sharing stories providing ideas about this and what Night Fever and other programs can do to help all receive the Lord's Love and Mercy.