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Episode # 5424 - Children Going Back To School And 9 New Lockdown Rules For Christians

Due to Father Anthony being in Rochester this week and doing very well, this is a re-air from July 21st.

Thank you.

After praying the Precious Blood of Jesus for healing many and the world during this Covid-19 Pandemic, the Two Tony’s are here with us loyal listeners after being away for a week, even though it feels longer. Today, they discuss how much is going on in the world, not just with Covid-19, but everything that has been happening. This includes Father Anthony talking to the principle at Saint Stanislaus Kostka School and regarding students coming back to school, as well as the fear many have felt and feel with kids going back to school. Tony shares his feelings as well, in terms of this and what it was like when he went to school too. The Two Tony’s also discuss the recent and new 9 Lockdown Rules that have gone into effect as of today for Christians. Father Anthony is also excited for Confirmation this weekend coming up. On the other hand, and possibly due to Father Anthony pinching his finger (not really) but the Two Tony’s look more into the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony has talked about.

Episode # 5423 - Andrea Picciotti-Bayer On Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Due to Mary being at the doctor to check on her foot, this is a re-air from July 6th, one of her most successful and popular shows.  Thank you. 

Mary FioRito is back with us loyal listeners.  On today’s show, Mary interviews from the Judicial Education Project, Andrea Picciotti-Bayer.  Andrea, a former civil rights attorney with the Department of Justice and legal consultant of the Catholic Association discusses with Mary 3 recent Supreme Court Cases: from Bostock to June Medical to Espinoza vs. Montana Dept. of Revenue, pointing out both the good and the bad with these decisions and where it will lead in our nation, diving deep into the facts of the cases that led to the decisions made.  For more information on Mary and Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Andrea Picciotti-Bayer:


Episode # 5422 – The Feast Day Of Saint Ignatius Of Loyola 2020

TGIF everyone and the Two Tony’s are with us for the last day in July. Today, after the opening prayer, the Two Tony’s discuss that’s it’s a good Friday and Father Anthony once again tells the lock-down rules for Christians, in case others missed it the last time. Also, tonight is the Consecration of the Precious Blood at Saint Stanislaus Kostka and the Two Tony’s invite all and talk about its importance. This in turn, goes back to talking about Life and our relationship with God. The Two Tony’s also point out how many have returned to Saint Stanislaus but still many are a bit hesitant with the virus, but they shout out for all to come back and that they are still in the thoughts and prayers of those at Saint Stanislaus. Today is also the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Father Anthony shares history behind this Saint. From this, the importance of keeping our faith in God is brought up.

Episode # 5421 – The Two Tony’s With More On The Unrest In These Times

The Two Tony’s are back this week and after praying the Precious Blood of Jesus at the start of the show, they turn to more on the way things are these days and how many things are opening and reopening up due to Covid-19, explaining all the changes that have taken place, such as masks, face shields and screens, and on contact. This brings to mind feelings on the political decisions made to ensure safety, as well as how some follow and some don’t’. From this, it creates more anxiety and fear, with more questions asked by many, but the Two Tony’s try to provide if not answers, but comfort in these times. A change of pace, Father Anthony talks about the Feast Day of Saint Martha.

Episode # 5420 – Father Koys On The Irrational Fears In The World And Society

A change of pace today for a Wednesday with Father Koys. Since he is busy conducting Vacation Bible School for the remainder of the summer, he comes on the show to us by phone. Mainly, he talks again about our world and society and the way it is today. His main focus is the rise in irrational fear, due to the Covid-19 Crisis, as well as other aspects and to try to help calm it. He encourages all to go to the website: www.flattenthefear in order to help those who may be still struggling with the pandemic. He shares statistics and facts that have led to the rise in irrational fears in people due to all this and important information regarding Covid-19, not only in terms of the virus itself, but things opening and reopening up. Remember, as Father Koys suggested, visit online at:

Episode # 5419 – Remembering Pope John Paul II And Mother Teresa

Tuesday with the Two Tony’s today and after the prayer for the Nation and the World you could say with all the chaos that is going on, they discuss the success of the masses held at Saint Stans and also the recent Confirmations Father Anthony conducted, as well as upcoming events, such as a wedding next week and memorial masses. In terms of trying to find the energy to keep the upbeat feeling on the show, Father Anthony talks about him being the happiest man in the world and he recounts his meetings with Pope John Paul the Second and Mother Teresa and retreats he was on with them being keynote people. This relates to how the Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways, as well as helps on Father Anthony talking about the recent Confirmations.

Episode # 5418 – Mary FioRio On The Unrest In Chicago

Mary FioRito is super excited for today’s show, for she has two guests on with her today. For the first half of the show, she is joined by her good friend Gloria Purvis of EWTN’s radio show Morning Glory and she discusses what she has been doing in terms of work and talking about being within the Pro-Life Community and also how Gloria got involved with the Pro-Life Community. They also discuss some of the current issues and situations involving the Pro-Life Community. Tomorrow Gloria is proud to have the conference that Mary has talked about before: Racism is a Life Issue and what she hopes will come out of it. For the second half of the show, Mary welcomes Mark Curran back to the show who ran for Senate and also former Lake County Sherriff and Mark talks about going to one of the protests that were held in Chicago and also to talk about all the unrest and violence that is affecting everyone in the city of Chicago. For more information on Mary and her guests, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Gloria Purvis:

Mark Curran:

Episode # 5417 – The Two Tony’s On All That Is Going On In The World

Friday Feeling is upon us on this Friday, as Tony tells Producer Nick at the start of the show, with Father Anthony coming down and having a lot to do before the show today. After the beginning prayer, Father Anthony and Tony discuss what Tony was or is feeling, in terms of how chaotic these times are in the world and as Producer Nick quoted Star Wars: “he sensed a disturbance in the Force,” in order to understand how Tony feels, leading Father Anthony to talk about a need for prayer and how many pray for politicians and how it makes everyone feel and brings to mind what is going on all around us. However despite all the negative things going on, the Two Tony’s remind us that there is good news and hope in the world and relate it to the upcoming Gospel Readings for this weekend.

Episode # 5416 - The Two Tony’s Continue On Losing And Regaining Our Faith

Due to Father Anthony having a funeral earlier today, this is a re-air from July 2nd.  Thank you.


The first Thursday of July 2020 with the Two Tony’s loyal listeners. Today, they pick up where they left off on the discussion from Tuesday, going back to the article they were talking about in terms of canceling things and the Lord. Father Anthony talks about how it has challenged him and it brings the discussion back to the idea that we can lose our faith and faith in God, but sometimes we deviate and follow the seduction of things that can allow us to lose our faith. Father Anthony reminds us to “wake up” in terms of seeing the wrong things around us and reveal ourselves to God. This can allow us to regain our faith and faith in God. This leads to how the nation will celebrate the 4th of July this weekend too amidst all the chaos the world faces.

Episode # 5415 – Father Koys On The Everyone’s Idea Of The Afterlife

Father Koys is back with us and ready to wrinkle your brains this hour. He has many things to talk about and discuss that is not only going on in America, but also the world. For one thing, he focuses on history again, by looking around during the 13 Colonies and the formation of America, in particular 1776. He also says that there is a “danger” with looking into history, not necessarily a bad or terrible danger, but starting on a journey that you know you can’t stop Father Koys tells us. This connects again to Father Koys sharing everyone’s idea of Heaven and in terms of right and wrong. One story he uses to express this is a tale about Irish Gravediggers. Another area that connects with the idea of the Afterlife is that Father Koys looks at is love, marriage, and divorce. An also to help with this and the Covid-19 Pandemic, he brings to mind the meditation of C.S. Lewis.