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Episode # 1927 – Belief Or Lack Of Believing In God

The sunshine is coming through, for today feels like spring, but even though it’s still cold and snowing from time to time, Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony feel that spring is on the way now, after seeing the sun.  Father Anthony is sort of all over the place at first, talking about many stories in the media, especially the tragic Southwest Airline engine explosion and tragedy and death.  From this, Father Anthony picks up the discussion of the belief and/or lack of believing in God from Tuesday.  This also allows Father Anthony to explain how we all have faults, but God helps us when needed.     


Episode # 1926 – Non-Catholics Bringing More Catholics Back To Church

Father Koys is here and wants to talk about a very strange topic today.  That being, asking this: Why are non-Catholics bringing more Catholics back to church than professional Catholic evangelists?  With this topic/question in mind, Father Koys and Tony who arrives a bit after he asks this question, shares some of the insight on how this has had an effect on people and the church itself.  However, it raises other questions that Father Koys and Tony try to answer for everyone, regarding many things going on in the world.     


Episode # 1925 – Why Believe In God?

Father Anthony, Tony, and Christina are back with us today and feeling concerned about a lot of things.  For one thing, Father Anthony starts off the show right away with asking the question: “Why believe in God?”  This allows Father Anthony to talk about how many do believe in God and that it’s natural, but that their faith goes up and down a lot in these times.  This brings up how that God is here with us, but why is there evil, suffering, disbelief and other negative things in the world or the idea that since God is good, why He allows all these bad things and situations.  Tony and Christina share their reactions and Father Anthony provides some insightful things God does to help us in our times of need for Him.    


Episode # 1924 – The Day Before The 3rd Anniversary Of The Passing Of Cardinal George

Happy Monday everyone and Mary FioRito is back with us again and the show is very special today because tomorrow, is the Third Anniversary of the Passing of Cardinal George.  Mary is joined again with Mike Stark and Father Dan Flens, who worked and was even a roommate to Cardinal George.  With that in mind and in his honor, Mary, Mike and Father Flens once again share the history, life, and legacy of one of the most influential, powerful, and thoughtful men that served in the Church.  Some include personal stories surrounding him.  For more information, visit online at the following:

  Mary FioRito:

Mike Stark: and  

Father Dan Flens:


Episode # 1923 - Generations Drawn Back To The Church And Their Faith

Due to Father Anthony having other commitments today, he is back and doing very well and will be back next week on the show, this is another reair from March 16th, 2018.  Thank you.

Feeling frazzled, possibly due to Friday Feeling or that he woke up at 1 AM this morning from sinus congestion, Father Anthony needs Tony and Christina to help him.  Help him they do, but despite being up early at 1 AM, Father Anthony recounts the Children’s Mass this morning and dealing with the wonderful children.  The three continue their discussion again from yesterday, on how things are the way they are these days and how young people are distancing themselves from religion and their faith, leading to rediscovery.  The discussion continues more along the lines of young people and their relationship with technology and how there are many different diverse groups of people these days in society.     


Episode # 1922 - Differences Between The Generations

Due to Father Anthony being away for his treatments and he is doing very well, this is a reair from March 15th.  Thank you

TGIAF and the weekend is coming up soon.  With that in mind, everyone on the show is very tired out and stressed out, due to all the work and all that is going on at Saint Stanislaus Kostka.  Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony share what they have been up to this past week, including confessions and Confirmation coming up.  This allows all kinds of subjects to be talked about, in reference to how the generations are different and the times are different, especially for kids.  One major area here involves technology and religion.      


Episode # 1921 – Discussion On Facebook

It’s time for some more brain wrinkling, as Father Koys is back with us and excited.  Today, he and Tony focus on the situation with Facebook that has been discussed in the news.  How it started out as a great invention and social media site, but now it has become something of a site where most, especially teenagers, go to spread negative thoughts and ideas.  Others are the warnings that people need to be aware of that can make going to Facebook a problem, sharing some segments from the news.  On another subject, Father Koys and Tony discuss The Ideological Civil War Battle, using Jesus Christ Superstar to help with this.         


Episode # 1920 - Forgiveness And Sin

Due to Father Anthony being away due to his continued treatments and doing very well, this is a reair from March 13th.  Thank you.

Everyone is welcomed back on the show today, especially those listening around the world, with Father Anthony starting off with how we have listeners/fans in other countries as well as America.  Tony and Christina are here too and everyone is doing okay, but mainly the focus Father Anthony wants to share is the struggles of Life we go through.  Similar to that, Father Anthony has been listening to the Children’s Confessions from students at St Stans School and with these combined, thinking in terms of the struggles of Life, Father Anthony talks about forgiveness and why a person should forgive and its importance, as well as the opposite of forgiveness: sin.        


Episode # 1919 – A Look At The Recent Elections In Illinois

Mary FioRito is back with us and today she is joined once again by Dan Proft, morning show host on the AM 560, WIND show Chicago’s Morning Answer.  Today, Mary and Dan discuss first Catholic High Schools and their students, which also relates to Loyola Basketball and Sister Jean and their successful run this season.  Afterwards, the show moves forward with talking about politics and its intersection with religion, which has been shared in the news several times lately.  One thing is focusing on recent elections that took place in Illinois and how religion and moral principles fit in.  This brings up many political figures.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Dan Proft, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Dan Proft:


Episode # 1918 – The First Friday Of April 2018

Geoff Hammond returns to us on this First Friday of April for all to hear the adoration and admiration to our Lord and God.  Due to being the Easter Season, he wishes everyone a Happy Easter, but mainly he starts off this hour on the Sacred Heart of Jesus as usual, and to Mary.  He also talks about Gods mercy that is always there for us to receive and how we respond to that, as well as feel when we get Gods mercy.  Some of the things Geoff talks about also are about Easter and relate to Easter.   Through this, Geoff offers prayers to all those seeking Gods mercy, forgiveness, and salvation.