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Episode 1779 – Interview With Father Juan Velez

On this very hot (odd for and record breaking heat today), we join after being away for lots of things, Mary FioRito is back with us again today and she has with her on the show today, Father Juan Velez, author of a new book on John Henry Newman.  Father Juan Velez starts off the show talking about himself, his family and as a priest and the work he has done, including not only being a priest, but also a doctor too.  This allows Mary and Father Velez to talk about particular people he knows and worked with, or historical figures such as Cardinals within the Church.  This leads to talk about the main focus of Father Juan Velez’s latest book on John Henry Newman, Holiness in a Secular Age: The Witness of Cardinal Newman, a study of the workings, writings and more of John Henry Newman, which leads to some very interesting facts.  After the first break, Father Velez talks about what he went through with writing his new book on Cardinal John Henry Newman, raising some personal feelings about being affected by the Cardinals teachings and work.  As the discussion goes on, Father Velez and Mary talk about some of the chapters in the book, with some historical facts on Cardinal Newman and their opinions on things mentioned (SPOILER ALERT if you plan to read the book).  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Juan Velez and his new book: Holiness in a Secular Age: The Witness of Cardinal Newman, visit online at:

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Episode # 1778 – The Need For Deviations And For God

Another very good Friday today on Winds of Change, despite Father Anthony coming straight from a funeral at the start of the day.  He feels he needs to be more organized, as he has much on his mind once again today, just like yesterday, but not necessarily bad.  Tony once again joins him, their fourth day in a row this week being live on the show, starting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and today.  Communication is key here in terms of what Father Anthony starts off today.  He also talks about how many masses he has this weekend coming up too.  This brings up Father Anthony talking about working so much and work related stress, related to how much Jesus Himself went through, before and during his crucifixion.  Through all this overwhelming content, Father Anthony tells Tony and all that there is a need for a break, in terms of relaxation and taking time for fun and family.  This also brings to mind how the Devil makes things easy, as well as sinful, but also how God’s path is good, but takes work and is possible.  Father Anthony however feels that we have “lost our sensitivity” to beings and things like God and sin and our faith.  After as Father Anthony says “30 minutes of nonstop talk” (LOL) he and Tony continue the discussion left off from yesterday and talks more about the mysteries of God.  This brings back the “need” for God and for people, as well as the need for things to relax with, such as sports, entertainment, and even Producer Nick and Tony’s fandom of comic books.  The need for deviations like these, which are ways of relaxing from all the stress and work that everyone has in their lives, which also might turn into an obsession or leading us away from things.  Towards the end of the show today, Father Anthony asks Tony, as well as everyone: “What will it take?” in terms of trying to recognize the need for the Sacred Worship of God, as well as allowing us to relax at times too, knowing God is there for us and with us and the need for hope and love, especially after all the natural disasters that have hit parts of the world in recent weeks.                    


Episode # 1777- Aftermath Of Natural Disasters In 2017

Father Anthony and Tony are here with us and the very first thing Father Anthony talks about is the aftermath of those who are suffering from the hurricanes that have struck Puerto Rico and how millions there are without power and how so many natural disasters are happening all over the world and causing many problems for lots of people.  Another is the earthquake that struck Mexico recently, allowing Father Anthony to point out that Life Itself is very sacred and is a gift as well, and fragile Life can be.  This also brings up Father Anthony talking about sins again, but also that we need compassion and forgiveness in Life as well.  Tony also shares how people might feel on this, such as voicing what many might say in terms of when bad things happen, such as the saying/phrase; “God, how can you allow this to happen?”  Father Anthony also shares the idea of how many either embrace or believe in God or if you follow the atheist view and don’t believe in God, with the idea of “seeing or not seeing God.”  This also brings up how we are asking ourselves if God is destroying and causing all this, but also how God doesn’t give up on us and His love is always with us and He helps us, allowing us to choose to go to darkness or to the light.  As the discussion continues, Father Anthony points out that even though things are the way they are now in the world, but also talks about the Church in terms of a whole.  Towards the end of the show, Father Anthony asks the question of how we can allow for a reawakening in God and our faith in God.  This connects to the first topic of discussion, with all the natural disasters happening all over the world.    


Episode # 1776 – Interview With Maria Goldstein From NorthWest Families March For Life

Today, as it is Wednesday, we’re once again joined by Father Tom Koys and as always, he’s excited to be here filling in for Father Anthony.  Today Father Koys is very much looking forward to this hour, in honor of the upcoming March For Life involving NorthWest Families For Life, Father Koys is proud to have on the show today, Maria Goldstein, who is organizing the March For Life itself (which has been promoted and is on the show) and she is one of the cofounders of the NorthWest Families and she talks about all the work that her organization has done with Pro-Life, as well as helping out many families going through this issue.  Maria also talks about certain speakers coming up not only for the March For Life, but also other events coming up, she calls them “Masters.”  After the first break, Father Koys and Maria Goldstein continue their discussion of The NorthWest Familes For Life and to help on some points, Father Koys has an unusual audio clip featuring NASCAR winner Johnny Sauter for this.  She also points out what some of the upcoming speakers are planning on talking about, focusing on particular issues with Pro-Life.  Father Koys also quotes John Paul on this subject too.  For more information on Maria Goldstein and The NorthWest Families For Life and their upcoming March For Life, visit online at:     


Episode # 1775 – Reactions To Governments And Politics

Father Anthony is here and this morning began with the Children’s Confessions and Father Anthony points out how this helps the children understand sin and the importance of when they make confessions.  When Tony arrives a couple of minutes after the show starts, Father Anthony and Tony pick up the discussion more along the lines of what they were talking about yesterday, including the feeling of getting up and starting the work day and work week.  This raises up the area of the family again.  Father Anthony also brings up politics with talking about media and President Donald Trump, as well as the media as a whole too, in terms of using the media with governments and the ups and downs, good and bad with media.  Tony and Father Anthony share their feelings on what governments should be doing in terms of helping people and what they should be doing, which brings up President Trumps speech to the United Nations this morning.  From this speech, Tony and Father Anthony talk about that many people, including many Americans, have good and bad feelings on President Trump, before and after his election and during his term in office.  One story Father Anthony shares along these lines involves him during the election and serval months before, with Father Anthony in Chicago and he meeting and talking to people he knew/knows nearby the Trump Tower and how they were shouting and making gestures at the tower and making Father Anthony angry.  This allows Father Anthony and Tony to share their feelings on certain aspects within this conversation.          


Episode # 1774 - Father Anthony Returns Of New York

Monday is here and Father Anthony is here with Tony, filling in for Mary FioRito, who usually fills in for Father Anthony, but since she is in Washington, Father Anthony is here today.  He returns after a trip to New York City and due to the weather, allergies or a really bad cold is affecting him, as others including Producer Nick and Tony too, which starts off the show.  The discussion turns to talking about all the things going on at St. Stans right now, including the most recent newsletter Father Anthony is writing up for this week.  He and Tony also reflect on the readings from masses recently on Sunday and this morning.  After all that, Father Anthony shares with Tony and everyone how his trip to New York City went, with some good, some if not bad but interesting things that happened.  He also shares and points out some of the things he saw, such as high-rise apartment areas and compares to Chicago, as well as thinking about how people can afford places like that.  On another topic, Father Anthony reflects and talks about the aftermath of Hurricane Irma that struck Florida two weekends ago, as well as Texas still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.  After the first break, Father Anthony continues on the discussion on the Church as a whole and how we turn to God and He helps us in our times of need.        


Episode # 1773 - Getting Through The Struggles Of Life

Father Anthony has returned from his recent trip, but he is tired out from it, but doing okay and very well.  But today, this is another re-air from July 28th.  Thank you very much.

Flying solo today, Father Anthony is back with us and live (or was live) today on the show, after a few reairs have been going all week since Wednesday and he  has Producer Nick with him and Tony may make it on the show too.  Father Anthony has been swamped with work a lot at Saint Stanislaus Kostka due to Christina out for medical reasons, but resting up and recovering.  Due to all this work related stress, Father Anthony talks about the constant “battle” or the Spiritual Battle we all go through in our lives, as well as hoe Life Itself can be rough and tough, but joyful too.  He also points out ways of dealing with our anger when we get frustrated and stress, ways of avoiding taking out on those we care about and love, and ways to remind us how Life can be tough, but with God and Jesus’s help, we get through the struggles of Life.   He also points out how Saint Stans is working on providing an answering service for callers to call in, to the Church and not the show yet, who are struggling and you could say have private conversations and/or confessions with Father Anthony or share their problems through a voicemail message for Father Anthony to hear and provide console and help for all, as well as put our trust in God.  After the first break, Producer Nick joins the conversation to share his own personal experience in what Father Anthony is talking about today, dealing with all kinds of stress and struggles in Life, but trying to find time to rest and have fun and be with his girlfriend, family, and friends.  With God still in our lives, Father Anthony says He doesn’t put us in the struggles, but He helps us and guides us out of those struggles and redeems and forgives us.  


Episode # 1772 - Thursday With The Two Tony’s

Due to Father Anthony being away, but doing okay and well and expected to be on the show tomorrow, this is a rerun from July 20th.  Thank you very much.

Once again, we are joined by the Two Tony’s today, with that being the trend for a bit now, and Father Anthony decides to just “jump right into it” today or into the show today with Tony “flying in” right as the show’s intro ends, but Father Anthony and Tony has much to talk about and discuss today.  For one thing, the Gospel Readings are shared first.  Father Anthony talks about the Value of things and some things in society and in public.  He brings up many things that are going on in society and from what was talked about on Tuesday with the letters Father Anthony and Tony mentioned, reflecting how things are the way they are today, as well as the things we face and how people react to them.  Tony offers commentary on what Father Anthony is talking about and provides “what is guiding me” and “I’m learning to trust” in terms of facing many things and turning to God and Jesus in our time of need and/or comfort.  This brings to mind again the Spiritual Battle and Dark Night (no not Batman LOL) that we all face and go through in our lives.  Even though we go through tough times, The Church, Jesus, and God never and will never abandon us.    


Episode # 1771 - The Connection Between Natural Law And The Theology Of The Body

Father Koys joins us this Wednesday as always and is very happy to be here today.  As the title of the show says, he wants to look at one of his favorite topics and one he likes to discuss on the show a lot: the connection between Natural Law and the theology of the Body, which he's talked about on previous shows.  Today, to help him out with this, on the phone is his guest Father Brian Mallady, a Dominican Priest from Portland, Oregon and the Holy Rosary Church there, when he is not teaching at other places around the country.  He also is going to have a talk this weekend in Marytown in Libertyville on various issues, including the one talked about today.  Father Koys first allows Father Brian to share a bit about himself and both men have similar and even shared opinions on various things mentioned in today's discussion on the connection between Natural Law and the theology of the Body, but also these two talk about other things.  In particular, both Father Brian and Koys discuss more on Planned Parenthood, as well as other topics life Pro-Life and abortion.  They also use a few references from the Civil War Era in American History to help talk about these points.  For more information on the talk that Father Brian Mallady will be conducting this weekend in Libertyville, call at: 847-223-7072.  


Episode # 1770 - Social Media And Saint Stanislaus Kostka

Due to Father Anthony being away this week, this is a re-air from August 22nd.  Thank you.

Father Anthony and Tony are back with us again today, the Two Tony's as we call them when that happens, LOL.  But both are very excited to be here and for one thing, Father Anthony is very excited on the show today to talk about something very important.  He brings up his memories of when he was first diagnosed with cancer and when he first started going through the treatments for it and his recovery, he received all kinds of prayers, masses, letters, messages, and other ways of people sending their thoughts and prayers to him and for him, making him feel like "a Superstar" he says.  As a sign of gratitude for all of that, he points out that starting September 1st, he's going to start having special masses every first Saturday of the month called: A Eucharistic Mass of Healing, which inspired by all the healing cards, letters, and prayers Father Anthony received.  This also allows that Winds of Change has joined the social media circle too, with a Facebook Page solely for the show and up and running, allowing how everyone can and has sent/typed in their thoughts and prayers on certain matters, as well as offering prayers in general, and even confessions, problems, situations that they find hard to deal with, and all other things that Father Anthony has helped out with when people come to St. Stanislaus Kostka for confessions or to pray or talk about.  This allows to talk about the use of social media sites in general and their affect and impact on people and the world.  Related to this subject, after the first break, is talking about the Feast Day of the Queenship, since that is today and talk of Mary and the Jubilee Year St. Stans is still in .  With all this, Father Anthony points out how during our times of struggle and hardship, God is there for us and being the Feast Day of the Queenship, Father Anthony says "you can't separate the Mother from the Son," very inspirational for all of us.