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Episode # 5542 – Continuing On Where The World Is Going

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TGIF everyone and the Two Tony’s pick up where they left off on Thursday, in terms of the discussion on where the world is going.  This raises many points within government and politicians, as well as with having our Faith.  To help on this, Producer Armand is here to help voice his opinion on these topics, providing insightful feelings on things going on.  Again, this leads Father Anthony to talk about that this is the reality, but to remember not to turn away from God.     

Episode # 5541 – The Two Tony’s On Where The World Is Going

The distress in is the air, as Father Anthony mentions that at the start of the show.  The Two Tony’s today discuss all that has happened, in particular the events in government.  Another area, is the Baby Boomers as they are called from different generations and how they express the importance of God in our lives and the need for Him, especially with all that is going on around us.  This brings to mind how we all sin and the idea of seeking forgiveness of our sins is important.   

Episode # 5540 – Father Koys Holding Out For Divine Intervention From The Chaos At The Capital

Father Koys is here for his first show of the New Year and he is ready to wrinkle your brains.  Today, he shares his feelings on what happened last week, with the Chaos at the Capital and how much is happening in the government lately, as next week Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next President.  Father Koys is also holding out for Divine Intervention with what happened in Washington and how such a riot could happen and occur, as well as things stolen from politicians such as laptops.  To aid this discussion, Father Koys quotes John Horvat on his article about the Capital Riots.  He also talks about the recent updates and data on Covid-19, which has resulted in lockdowns in other countries and how they have affected the populace in order to control and stop the spread of the disease, as well as the good things providing hope.         

Episode # 5539 – The Two Tony’s On Recent Events

Today on the show, the Two Tony’s talk about all the things that have happened in the past year and weeks that have affected our lives.  These include many things, such as, the Covid-19 Pandemic, the recent elections, and the chaos at the Capital last week.  This raises many points on several things, such as defending the faith, turning to God in these troubled times, how the government is viewed, and as they have talked about before on the show, where is the world going.  The Two Tony’s share their feelings, but Father Anthony expresses not to give up or lose your faith in God and that the need for prayer is very high. 

Episode # 5538 – Mary And Lauretta With Kevin Grillot On The Upcoming March For Life

Mary and Lauretta are back on this Monday.  Today, they are joined by Kevin Grillot, the Executive Director of We Dignify, who is coordinating the Midwest-Area March for Life in Chicago on January 23rd.  They also discuss the Chaos at the Capital that happened last week on Wednesday and the ramifications on the upcoming March, as well as the entire country.  Kevin Grillot discusses not only the upcoming March for Life, but also what We Dignify has done to help people and the success his organization has had.  For more information on Mary, Lauretta, and Kvein Grillot and the Midwest-Area March for Life, visit:

Mary FioRito:

Kevin Grillot:

Episode # 5537 – The Two Tony’s On The Epiphany 2021

TGIF with the Two Tony’s once again and they are very excited to be on the show.  After the prayers, the Two Tony’s discuss more on what Pope Benedict warned about what is to come and what has happened.  But Father Anthony reminds us to live in the moment and present, as well as continue to have God with you and in mind with all that has happened.  Sadly the end of the Christmas season is coming up, so the Two Tony’s share their feelings on all the joy and celebration that occurred this Christmas Season.  Father Anthony also shares points on the Epiphany in the Catholic Church and historical facts on it, which relates to the recent Chaos at the Capital and chaos in general in the world.   

Episode # 5536 – The Two Tony’s On The Chaos At The Capital

The Two Tony’s focus on the main tragedy that struck the Capital yesterday, as a mob stormed in on a session of Congress and made a dark day in American History.  This raises many opinions on why this happened and how this could happen, as well as express a huge need for prayer and the help from God in the times we live in now in the world and talking about the media’s coverage of everything.  To help process this tragic event, the Two Tony’s look back at the words of Pope Benedict and how he warned about how something like this would happen and to wonder if there is a way back to the way things were.    

Episode # 5535 - Father Koys On Saint Juan Diego

Due to Father Koys being away, this is a re-air of one of his most popular shows from December 9th, 2020.  It has been edited for time at the end.  Thank you.

Father Koys is back to wrinkle our brains once again and he’s very excited today.  His focus on the show concerns Our Lady of Guadalupe and Novena, and how we need help, especially this year with so much death, destruction, devastation, and depression.  With the Novena in mind and being the time of year for it, Father Koys shares the history and stories surrounding a particular Saint during this time of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Saint Juan Diego.  Along the lines of Saint Juan Diego, Father Koys once again turns toward the works of G.K. Chesterton and his book: Catholics And Converts.         

Episode # 5534 – The Two Tony’s In The New Year 2021

It’s Tuesday with the Two Tony’s on their first show of 2021, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, as well as talking about all that happened during Christmas and New Year’s, with all the masses conducted and so much work to do at Saint Stans this time of year.  They also discuss the reality of everything around us and how the news affects everyone in terms of what is real and what isn’t.  This brings to mind how the news lets everyone know what is going on everywhere, but most is rough and depressing.  This allows the Two Tony’s to remind everyone, as always, that God is here and He will help. 

Episode # 5533 – Prayer Warrior Lauretta Froelich

Happy New Year everyone and on this first live show of the New Year, 2021, Mary FioRito is here and today she is joined by who could be classified as one of the most influential Prayer Warriors ever, Lauretta Froelich, a newly retired Assistant States Attorney and Pro Life Champion.  She has worked with Mary before and now will be a fellow guest hostess for our show too.  Today, Mary and Lauretta discuss how being a new year and 2020 is gone, that God is with us and He will help us in the months to come and get things back on track.  Lauretta also shares about herself and her career as an attorney and more, talking about all those she helped and some cases dealt with.  They also discuss how God is good and He has purposes for us and it’s important to pray to Him.  For more information on Mary and Lauretta Froelich, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

And be sure to listen for Lauretta being a guest host on Winds of Change.      

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