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Episode # 5336- The Two Tony’s On The Reassurance Of God Being There For Us

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester and doing okay and with the Covid-19 Pandemic, this is a re-air from March 5th.  Thank you and stay healthy and stay safe.

Thursday with the Two Tony’s and at the start of the show, they point out how the Lord says to not worry about tomorrow, for today has stress and problems of it’s on and you’ll get through this.  Speaking of getting through things, Father Anthony shares how he is preparing and working on so many things at Saint Stanislaus Kostka.  This brings to mind our relationship with God and how He helps us, as well as to forgive us of our sins.  This reminds us that even though we may at times doubt that God either doesn’t hear us and our prayers or our suffering leading to denial of Him, but Father Anthony says He does know of our suffering and hears us.  Father Anthony also talks about his recent visit and meeting with the Bishops yesterday, which relates to talking about God hearing and helping us.      

Episode # 5335 – Father Koys Continuing On Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to technical difficulties, we couldn’t play any spots, commercials, music or anything during the show and to introduce the show or break.  We apologize for the inconvenience and stay healthy and stay safe.

Flying solo today, Father Koys is here and he continues to discuss what everyone has had on their mind and that is the Coronavirus Pandemic and how everyone is working to help those who are sick and those working to help out during this.  He also shares some of the latest on what the President and politicians are doing as well.  He tries to share words of encouragement and hope for all during this really tough time and to show a ray/light of hope for everyone in the world. 

Episode # 5334 - Continuing On The Reassurance Of God

Because he is away in Rochester for his annual checkups, Father Anthony is doing well and okay and healthy, but this is a re-air from March 6th and it's a Friday show too.  Thank you and stay healthy and stay safe everyone.

TGIF with the Two Tony’s loyal listeners.  First they discuss a little more on the coronavirus epidemic that has caught the attention of the world and how it affects everyone, including the recent cases in the United States.  This brings up where the Two Tony’s left off again, on the constant Spiritual Battle we face every day of our lives and also how God will help us in our times of need and that He will not give up on us.  After the first break, the Two Tony’s pick up the discussion more from yesterday on the way things are in the world, leading to us to have a denial toward God but reminding everyone that He is there for us and He does help us in our times of need and desperation.     


Episode # 5333 - Looking Closer At Lent

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and Mary being away on business, but doing okay and healthy too, this is a re-air from March 2nd.  Thank you and stay healthy and stay safe.  

Mary FioRito returns to us loyal listeners and during the first full week of Lent which started up last week.  Today, Mary is joined by Brother Joseph Trout from Fenwick High School in Oak Park, IL and today, they discuss the topic of Lent.  Since he works at a high school, they also discuss the differences in the generations of when they went to high school and how kids (including Mary’s daughters) are in high school today, being surrounded be so many things such as social media, which in turn goes into looking at the pressures parents feel with that. Along the lines of Lent, Mary and Brother Joe discuss the book: Growing Friendship with God: Discovering the Joy of Lent, by Andrew Carl Wisdom O.P. and it could be considered a companion book to Lent.  Mary expresses some of the things she doesn’t like about Lent too.  For more information on Mary, Brother Joseph Trout and the book Growing Friendship with God: Discovering the Joy of Lent, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Brother Joseph Trout:


Episode # 5332 – More On The Covid-19 Pandemic

TGIF and the Two Tony’s are back with us during the Covid-19 Pandemic everyone.  Today, they are trying to bring order and relief in the disorder and chaos that this crisis has brought upon so many around the world.  The Two Tony’s offer not only they’re prayers for all those who are sick, but also the offer they’re thoughts on what this crisis has been and is doing to people all around the world, as well as the economy, employment and unemployment, and what has been happening within the Archdiocese itself.  Father Anthony also shares how he feels a “stillness” around us in terms of remaining vigilant and staying home, while getting frustrated here and there during this.  The Two Tony’s also encourage to remind us that God will help us with this crisis, that He will help and that we will get through this.  Once again, they pray the Chaplet for all to hear and provide hope, faith, belief, and relief that this crisis will end.      

Episode # 5331 – The Two Tony’s Continue In The Fight Against The Coronavirus

The Two Tony’s start off with the Angelus Prayer, but also talk about Feast Day of the Annunciation was yesterday and in view of the Pandemic going on, they start off with lighter notes to lighten things up and lift everyone’s spirits during this time.  They share some words of comfort to provide more rays of hope and encouragement with this crisis, including prayers and readings.  Some of the Saints to help provide influential words for this include Saint Theresa and Saint John.  The Two Tony’s also express their thanks and prayers to all those who are combating this virus, such as the first responders, doctors, nurses, police, soldiers, and all those who are on the frontlines facing this.  On another note, the Two Tony’s talk about how all around the world, people have been reacting to this Pandemic, all the hysteria, panic, and fear it has unleashed, while at the same time it brings out how many have helped, provided aid, and support during this time.  It is a way to test us as a person and as a people, which once again relates to all the things Father Anthony has talked about before on Life.  As a special, the Two Tony’s pray the Chaplet to the whole world and to God for His help in this crisis.     

Episode # 5330 – Father Koys Reunited With Tony During Covid-19 Pandemic

Even though the Covid-19 Pandemic continues around the world, so too does the Winds of Change to provide hope, relief, and entertainment to you loyal listeners.  Today is very special because despite the crisis, Father Koys is reunited with Tony who has been on the show the last few days and as he used to before is here with Father Koys.  Today is the Feast Day of Annunciation and Father Koys reminds us that “we are nine months from Christmas,” however Father Koys continues his discussion again on some of the topics he’s talked about and how today’s Feast Day fits in with them. With this in mind, Father Koys brings to mind about what it means to be potential being.  However, this brings up those who may or may not accept the Annunciation.  On a different note, Father Koys talks about how he, like Father Anthony is streaming online masses for all during this time, sharing how he feels during these.  They also share their thoughts on the Tridentine Mass as well.   

Episode # 5329 – The Two Tony’s On The Continuing Stress During The Covid-19 Pandemic

As the title says, the Two Tony’s share how they, like millions around the world during this crisis, they’re still dealing with the stress and stressful times we are in with this and how yes it is stressful, but we need to stay vigilant.  For one thing, Father Anthony points out more on the Stay At Home Order, as well as what’s going on with confessions with this and he points out how many before this went into effect came to confessions.  The Two Tony’s offer ways people can do things at home to seek forgiveness and in a way confess to God, such as prayer and meditation to God at home in order to continue to express their faith to Him.  However, they also point out how due to this Pandemic, so many things have changed in terms of our way of life and how many are getting or already are paranoid and afraid, as well as not having the energy to get through the day and readjusting to everything now.

Episode # 5328 – Monday With The Two Tony’s On Covid-19

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Mary FioRito is away, but doing okay and healthy, but the Two Tony’s are here with us.  They share the latest developments on what has been happening with the Coronavirus Pandemic, but also all the work that Father Anthony has been doing and been busy at Saint Stans, especially with streaming live masses from the church, a reminder for all to make sure to tune in for those.  Father Anthony also offers a prayer during this very difficult time, the Prayer of Protection.  Father Anthony tells not only Tony, but all how the online masses went and how different if felt and Tony comments on how well it was filmed/shot.  On a sadder note, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Two Tony’s discuss how Saint Stanislaus Kostka and all churches had to close, one of the saddest things that has ever come to Saint Stans, including how the feeling of loneliness hit Father Anthony very hard.  However, don’t worry, Winds of Change will still be on the air.  Father Anthony also points out the joy of all who came to mass on Saturday before it closed, giving him a feeling of hope and also a good feeling of how he felt what Jesus may/did feel with all those who came to Him.  This also allows them discuss how much of what is going on and how things are different, but in some ways, things are/were the same, in terms of the church being empty and that we need to “sanitize” the Gospel as well as our hands.         

Episode # 5327 – The Two Tony’s Continue Discussing Covid-19

TGIF everyone and the Two Tony’s are back with us and here to provide words of hope, encouragement, and in some ways relief during this very difficult time with the Coronavirus Pandemic.  First off, they offer their thoughts and prayers to the entire world and especially to those who are sick with Covid-19 and to offer the services of Mary and God to heal them and help heal the world during this time.  Father Anthony is making time to pray the rosary during this very difficult time and he has been doing it on live streams as well.  With Covid-19, the Two Tony’s express the need for prayer, as well as the strange feeling everyone is probably feeling during this time, not only with the spread of the virus, but the reactions everyone is doing in order to contain and stop the spread of the virus.  They also talk more about how every little thing that someone does, such as coughing, blowing noses, and those with allergies cause people to feel fear that they have the virus.  Father Anthony also shares some of the Gospel readings related to this particular crisis and reminds us to let God help us and that together…we will get through this and that God is with us.