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Episode # 1863 – Alex Kuzma And The Feast Day Of Theophany

TGIF everyone and Father Anthony is still doing well and recovering good and strong.  Filling in for him today, we are very pleased to have back with us, Alex Kuzma from the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation.  Alex is very excited to be back with us after a long absence and on the show he focuses on today being the Feast Day of Theophany, the day Jesus Christ got baptized in the River Jordan.  He also shares lots of facts and history on not only this day, but on some of the historical moments and people in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Catholic University.  Some good, some bad.  For more information on Alex Kuzma and the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation, visit online at:     


Episode # 1862 - Bullying In School And Society

A Father Anthony update, he is doing well and should be back at Saint Staislaus Kostka and Chicago next week.  We'll keep you posted and due to him being away and recovering from his surgery, this is a reair from December 14th, 2017.  Thank you.

After a fun start on the show, Tony waiting for Father Anthony when it’s usually the other way around, Father Anthony talks about St Stanislaus Kostka School and how proud he is with the students/kids there.  With school in mind, this brings up how many kids are bullied in schools and how that bullying can and in fact goes on in society with people.  This bullying is a result of so many things around us that lots of people have various opinions and feelings on, leading to several reactions that have shaped society today.  This also brings up and is a way of bullying, all the sexual harassment cases that have recently appeared in the media dealing with major celebrities, newscasters, and politicians.   


Episode # 1861 – The Examination Of Heaven Continues

A Father Anthony update, his surgery went well and he is doing very well and recovering great.

Father Koys is back with us as the month of January goes by and the middle of the week is upon us again.  Father Koys starts right off with continuing his discussion on Heaven by trying to make several connections and combinations.  This time, Father Koys goes even deeper today by connecting the notions of how we live on Earth and our vision of Heaven.  To help, he provides quotes and works from various Catholic Philosophers and examining Heaven in terms of values people have.  


Episode # 1860 - The Feast Day Of Our Lady Of Guadeloupe 2017

Due to Father Anthony being away and recovering okay from his surgery and doing well, this is a reair from December 12th, 2017.  Thank you.

On this cold day in Chicago, the gang is all here: Father Anthony, with Christina and Tony today.  The Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe is today and is the main focus on the show, with Father Anthony talking about how, despite the cold today, it brings a very special, even warm feeling for everyone, providing a very important symbol.  Together, all three share how this particular feast day has made them feel good in many ways and encourage others to do the same.  Along the lines of this feast day, Father Anthony tells the story of Juan Diego, which has a historical background with this day.         


Episode # 1859 - Discussing Solanus Casey

In observance and honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this is a reiar from December 4th.  It will officially air on Monday, January 15th, 2018: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Also, the latest news on Father Anthony is that he is doing well.  Surgery went okay and he's doing fine.  Thank you and enjoy. 

Once again Mary FioRito joins us today for another Monday and the first full week in December 2017.  Today, she is joined by a good friend of hers as a guest, Cami Daley, the Music Director from St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Riverforest, Illinois .  The major focus Cami and Mary talk about on the show today is Solanus Casey.  Both talk about his life and history, as well as the work he conducted during his service within the church, providing aid, help, and influence and inspiration to many in his lifetime, including Cami and her family.  For more information on Mary FioRito, Cami Daley and Solanus Casey, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Cami Daley:

Solanus Casey:


Episode # 1858 - The Days Before 2018

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rocehster and going through his surgery, this is a reair from December 29th, 2017.  All of us at Winds of Change, Saint Stansislaus Kostka and Loyal Listeners send our thoughts and prayers to him for a full and fast recovery.  We'll keep you all posted on his progress.  Thank you.

Everyone is “running” into the studio as the show starts, Tony and Christina rush to join Father Anthony on this final show of 2017, getting ready for 2018.  The Feast of the Holy Family and The Holy Mother Of God are being prepared around St. Stanislaus to bring in the new year.  Picking up the show from Thursday, Father Anthony continues the discussion with talking about resolving things and resolutions, giving our trust over to God.  This brings to mind once again, things going on in society, the family, and marriage and how things have changed in a way, as well as our relationship with and to God.  From all of us at Winds of Change: Happy New Year Everyone. Have a great 2018.  


Episode # 1857 – The Purgatory Women Returns

As promised this week, Dave Carollo is back with us and he has with him today a guest who’s been on the show several times, Susan L Tassone, otherwise known as the Purgatory Woman.  Today, Dave and Susan discuss her new, eleventh, and upcoming book: St. Faustina Prayer Book for Adoration, which will be published and out by March 1st.  Susan talks about all that went into writing this book, as well as talking to Dave on the subject of Purgatory, how people may or may not go through some specific things when they depart from this world, which relates to Susan’s many books.  For more information on Dave Carollo and Susan L. Tsssone and her books, visit online at:

Dave Carollo:

Susan L. Tassone:


Episode # 1856 – Discussing Psychological Unfitness In The United States

Father Koys is here with us today and once again is excited for more “brain wrinkling” on the show.  He’s flying solo and begins with discussing the latest charges of psychological unfitness against President Trump.  This in turn leads to talking about bullying and asking the question: “Who’s the real bullier?”  A final topic of discussion revolves around Father Koys asking “Is believing in abortion rights a sign of psychological unfitness?” which in turn leads to the question: “Are those tearing down Confederate Statues following the virtues of the anti-slavery people of the 1800s?”  He thinks not.        


Episode # 1855 – Discussing The Centennial Tour For Peace And The World Apostolate Of Fatima

Dave Carollo, the Executive Director for the World Apostolate of Fatima is back with us filling in for Father Anthony and he is very excited to be here once again, after being busy the past few months.  Today, he is joined by three guests: Patrick Sabat, Larry Maginot, and Tom Ross, all who work for Dave at the World Apostolate of Fatima and have helped with his most recent activity, The Centennial Tour For Peace.  Along with Barb Ernster, Communications Director for the Apostolate, the entire Centennial is discussed and the Apostolate.  For more information about Dave Carollo and his guests, as well as the Centennial Tour for Peace, visit online at: 


Episode # 1854 – Dawn Fitzpatrick Returns

Mary FioRito is once again with us and joining her on her first show of 2018 is an old friend and host of the show, Dawn Fitzpatrick from the Archdiocese of Chicago and for the March For Life Chicago and the President of the Board of Directors for the March.  Today, the two women discuss the upcoming March For Life this weekend and how the preparations have been very successful and they are very excited for the outcome.  Another thing talked about is all the fun activities and speakers that will be present during the March and the March itself.  For more information on Mary FioRito, Dawn Fitzpatrick and The March For Life Chicago and tickets for the March, visit online:

Mary FioRito-

Dawn Fitzpatrick- and