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Episode # 1734 - Discussing The Illinois Budget Crisis

Due to being National News and in the news for the state and back by popular demand, this is a rerun from July 10th, 2017.  Thank you.

It’s Monday again and Mary FioRito joins us as the hostess today on Monday July 10, 2017 and with her again is a recurring guest, Bob Gilligan of the Catholic Conference of Illinois again.  With so much to talk about, one of the main focuses is State Politics, which concerns many things, including that Bob Gilligan needs to pay attention to much of this, down in Springfield for one thing.  One big subject is the Illinois Budget Crisis that has been in then news and has become National News, with Bob talking about for those that may not be too familiar with what happened, but Bob brings up the key facts that the state decided to vote and choose regarding how to fix Illinois’s budget crisis. This includes many concerns politicians and people have in terms of tax increases and pressure and struggles that many now face.  Bob and Mary talk about what the politicians had to face when dealing with this situation.  One of the major concerns Mary and Bob have with this is the decisions to help stabilize this crisis and try to fix it, but how the decisions, as stated before, is how these decisions affect people, including several of the church programs that Mary and Bob help out and work with. This also affects schools, families, and the church itself with new tax increases and possibly more financial problems.  Bob also provides facts on how the budget may seem alright, but perhaps there may be other problems or possible problems.  However, Bob Gilligan provides for Mary and everyone listening and the entire state of Illinois, some solutions that are positive and provide much help, not only to Catholic Schools and Public Schools, but the church and Illinois citizens.  On a different subject, is the discussion for certain bills passed in Illinois recently, some dealing with abortion and Pro-Life issues.  For more on Mary FioRito and Bob Gilligan and their discussion regarding the Illinios Budget Crises, visit online at:              

 Mary FioRito:

 Bob Gilligan-


Episode # 1733 – TGIF With Tony’s

TGIF everyone and the show is off to an okay start for a Friday and weekend coming up.  Father Anthony and Tony are with us again and continue the discussion left off from yesterday Thursday July 20th and bring to mind the adoration for and of God.  This brings up several topics Father Anthony has talked about in the past and how religion and the Church are affected by them or face them at times, allowing how we as a society in America are multicultural and mixed of several things and cultures.  Father Anthony mentions how when he has gone into chapels, he has “felt” the presence of Jesus with him and how He has helped and guided him.  He tells Tony and all of you as well, stories similar to how he has “felt” Jesus, but others have too.  With these topics in mind, as stated before, Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday more on the signs of the times, how things are the way they are today, and how things have changed and gotten different.  After the first break, Father Antony is going into the 2 commentaries he talked about yesterday and finally gets to them, as well as reminding us that God has a plan, we may not know what that plan is, but He has one.  Since God has a plan, Father Anthony provides some examples on how we can at least see some form of it.  Then, as promised, he goes into the 2 commentaries he wanted to talk about yesterday.  This brings up how we suffer and go through struggles, but we get through them and with God’s presence, He helps us too.  Through all this, Father Anthony shares how the world has been affected by how things are the way they are today and how pretty much everything has not only changed, but how people get affected by this.  He brings up words from Pope Benedict who commented on things like this.  As the show wraps up for today, Father Anthony shares Gods solution on this.      


Episode # 1732 – Thursday With The Two Tony’s

Once again, we are joined by the Two Tony’s today, with that being the trend for a bit now, and Father Anthony decides to just “jump right into it” today or into the show today with Tony “flying in” right as the show’s intro ends, but Father Anthony and Tony has much to talk about and discuss today.  For one thing, the Gospel Readings are shared first.  Father Anthony talks about the Value of things and some things in society and in public.  He brings up many things that are going on in society and from what was talked about on Tuesday with the letters Father Anthony and Tony mentioned, reflecting how things are the way they are today, as well as the things we face and how people react to them.  Tony offers commentary on what Father Anthony is talking about and provides “what is guiding me” and “I’m learning to trust” in terms of facing many things and turning to God and Jesus in our time of need and/or comfort.  This brings to mind again the Spiritual Battle and Dark Night (no not Batman LOL) that we all face and go through in our lives.  Even though we go through tough times, The Church, Jesus, and God never and will never abandon us.      


Episode # 1731 - Father Koys And His Family

Due to Father Koys being away at Vacation Bible School this week, this is a rerun/rebroadcast from June 28th, 2017.  Thank you. 

Today on Winds of Change, Father Koys is joined by two very special guests, ones that have very special places in his heart, for he has his mother MaryAnn Koys and brother John on the air with him today.  Both are very happy to be here, John being on before and both brothers are going to talk to their mom on her wisdom and as her son does, “wrinkle brains” as well.  Due to Father Koys and his family here today, different generations are talked about, including what his mother feels on how things are today and with Communion and how to get to Heaven, as well as her Faith too.  His brother John also says how he feels on this, going back to their childhood for one thing, both Father Koys and his brother John coming from a family of 7, with Father Koys allowing the laughs and wisdom to come on the show.  This brings up family values for the Koys Family, in terms of how MaryAnn raised the kids and the result of that, as well as using that to explain the difference on families today that many have fallen apart.  This brings up many fond memories of them growing up in the Koys household.  Father Koys and his family are also celebrating a milestone for them involving his mother on the show today, mainly talking, as stated before, about the importance of family and the differences family is today.  MaryAnn also talks about others in the family who followed into the Priesthood and other family members in general.  Father Koys also has on the show today, some songs that help talk about the Koys family and what they mean to the family as well, including the famous song Old Man River, which reminds Father Thomas Koys of his father.  As the show continues, the discussion changes from children, to marriage itself, allowing MaryAnn to talk about her husband and Father Thomas and John's dad, with some very loving advice and memories.  Through these three songs and the discussion with his mother and brother, the dicsusscion with Father Koys brings to mind much on not only family, but faith too.                     


Episode #1730 – Another Tale Of Two Tony’s On Tuesday

Today, Father Anthony is back with us and Tony is with him, as last week Father Anthony and Tony pick up the discussion a bit more on what they were discussing last week.  Both Tony’s discuss the feelings we have in terms of what is going on in the world and how we can get through things.  With working things out and facing the good things and having good feelings as well as help out others to get the Counsel of God to provide comfort and help, as well as doing the right thing at times to help people.  St Stanislaus Kostka being one of the many places to offer that.  That was the good news or positive side of the show, after the first break, the show takes a turn toward the negative or bad news area with Father Anthony sharing how some dismiss God or dismiss the Laws of God here, with what goes on in society and how it affects us and leads us to dismiss God and His Laws or at least for a time.  This is the Disorder Father Anthony speaks of and the Spiritual Battle everyone goes through.  One of the things Father Anthony shares with Tony and all listeners, are letters related to both good and bad/positive and negative things in the discussion here, bringing up wonderful things, as well as provide challenges Father Anthony mentions.  Tony allows everyone and Father Anthony to hear his opinion on several things addressed in the letters mentioned on the show, in terms of belonging somewhere, and dealing with and thinking about certain things.      


Episode # 1729 – Monday With Mary Interviewing Emily Troscinski

Today Mary FioRito is back with us after being away for a little while and live (or was live  earlier) on the show today and today she joined in the studio by Emily Troscinski, the Executive Director at Illinois Right to Life, who happens to be 8 months pregnant in fact too, congratulations. But the main focus these women discuss today is on The Illinois Right to Life organization itself, being one of the oldest organizations in Illinois and both women share the mission statement of Illinois Right to Life, and the work the organization helps out and works with, such as Pro-Life and abortion, suicide, and others.  Emily talks about Planned Parenthood and what Illinois Right to Life has done to help and many women and families.  Another topic the two women discuss, obviously is abortion and what Emily and Mary have done to help on that too.  Another thing is they share their feelings on a recent article written in the Chicago Tribune yesterday on Sunday July 16th.  Emily also talks about the various volunteers and workers for Illinois Right to Life and what it has been like working with them and what they have contributed to the organization.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Emily Troscinski and Illinois Right to Life, visit online at:   

Mary FioRito:

Emily Troscinski:


Episode # 1728 – Getting Through The Struggles Of Life

Flying solo today, Father Anthony is back with us and live (or was live) today on the show, after a few reairs have been going all week since Wednesday and he  has Producer Nick with him and Tony may make it on the show too.  Father Anthony has been swamped with work a lot at Saint Stanislaus Kostka due to Christina out for medical reasons, but resting up and recovering.  Due to all this work related stress, Father Anthony talks about the constant “battle” or the Spiritual Battle we all go through in our lives, as well as hoe Life Itself can be rough and tough, but joyful too.  He also points out ways of dealing with our anger when we get frustrated and stress, ways of avoiding taking out on those we care about and love, and ways to remind us how Life can be tough, but with God and Jesus’s help, we get through the struggles of Life.   He also points out how Saint Stans is working on providing an answering service for callers to call in, to the Church and not the show yet, who are struggling and you could say have private conversations and/or confessions with Father Anthony or share their problems through a voicemail message for Father Anthony to hear and provide console and help for all, as well as put our trust in God.  After the first break, Producer Nick joins the conversation to share his own personal experience in what Father Anthony is talking about today, dealing with all kinds of stress and struggles in Life, but trying to find time to rest and have fun and be with his girlfriend, family, and friends.  With God still in our lives, Father Anthony says He doesn’t put us in the struggles, but He helps us and guides us out of those struggles and redeems and forgives us.       


Episode # 1727 - A Lighthearted Thursday

Due to schduling and work complications, this is another rerun from June 15th, 2017, which also reaired on June 1st and May 11th.  We apologize for any inconvineces or problems.  Thank you.


TGIAF again on this Thursday and Father Anthony is with us along with Tony and Christina today and once again in the Spiritual Battle.  In particular, Father Anthony and Tony talk about some impressive sights seen the Processions going on, which will be going on this weekend too.  With the Saint Stanislaus Kostka School Open House going on today, Father Anthony brings to mind the changes in society.  This also continues the discussion from Tuesday with how things have changed and as everyone talked about, turned the world we live in upside down, as well as continuing who we are and what we are in terms of the service to the Church and to God, as well as taking us out of and bringing us back to our comfort zones and deepening our Faith in God.  After the first break, because Producer Nick checked in on everyone and made sure everything and everyone is okay, Father Anthony goes on how everyone is tired and a nonstop day and week, but have to keep going.  Father Anthony also continues on being interviewed by many due to the Jubilee year, as well as filming going on around, including when he went to Rome recently too, as well as bringing up other things going on around everyone.


Episode # 1726 - Larry Schweikart On Religious Tolerance

Due to schedule conflicts with Father Koys, he couldn't make it on the show today and Father Anthony hoped to be on the show today, but couldn't due to work situations, this is a rebroadcast from June 14th, 2017.  Thank you.

It’s Wednesday and as always, Father Koys is here with us again on the show and is very excited to be here.  Picking up this discussion from last week and before, Father Koys talks about one of his heroes, Denis Prager, who has had many discussions in the media surrounding many issues, some that Winds of Change has talked about.  One of the main focuses on here with Denis Prager in mind, is the distinctions between Catholic Christians and Protestant Christians, with Father Koys expressing that in this day and age, we need to work together.  Another of Father Koys heroes he talks about mainly today and tries to analyze what he recently talked about at Prager Univeristy, is Larry Schweikart, who discusses religious tolerance here on the show, provided with a few audio clips of his most recent discussions on this, as well as being a history fan as Father Koys is, many historical parts are brought up from and in America, with religious tolerance and patriotism.  But the audio clips from Larry Schweikart bring to mind the questions and answers that possibly are brought up on religious tolerance.  This discussion raises some key points that you, our listeners, may agree or disagree with since many have their own opinions on things and these topics.  This also raises different views regarding political views too.        



Episode # 1725 – A Tale Of Two Tony’s

Father Anthony and Tony are here today, so we have the Two Tony’s you could say once again today, LOL.  But today, it’s just the boys today, due to Christina being away for medical reasons and recovering well, but out for a while now.   But as stated and the title says, Father Anthony and Tony are with us today and the whole morning has been busy, so much going on and unfortunately some of it bad, besides Christina out and recovering, last week Deacon Miguel Garcia passed away and the wake and funeral were last week, with Father Anthony and Tony talking about him and sharing many wonderful memories of him.  With all that going on, the Tony’s try to figure out what to discuss today, and first choice is once again the readings from this morning and Father Anthony reflects on the “burden” of being a Priest.  Father Anthony also points out that he and Producers Nick and Armand are working on bringing in people or inviting people to call in to the show in the future (for further details, tune in to further shows and podcasts) to talk to Father Anthony.  He also talks to Tony about how when he’s on the radio, he changes his personality, not in a vocal sense, but how when on the show, he’s more vocal, but when with other priests, he may be quieter at times.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony assures us God guides and helps us through our struggles and troubles, as well as provides us with joy. This brings up the previous subject from other radio discussions, once again on how Life itself is hard, with the world being in a strange place, with Father Anthony and Tony talking about recent and previous tragedies going on in the world, allowing for the topic of being joyful and tragic to be brought up and both Spiritual Combat and the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony always talks about.  Today is the Feast of Saint Benedict today too and Father Anthony reads from his writings too, bringing up the topic of Hell.