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Episode # 1753 - Rise Above The Conflicts

TGIF and Father Anthony quickly makes his way on the show today, due to not sure if he'd be able to do the show today, but does/did and he's happy to be back with us all, after his recent trip for his continuing treatments in Rochester, which he is doing very well with and recovering very well too.  However, due to the recent tragedies that have struck around the world; shootings in Charlottesville, the van crash in Barcelona, and others that have occurred, both past and present, Father Anthony mentions what the signs of the times are, how there is much bigotry, racism, and violence going on around us.  This allows Father Anthony to look at these a bit deeper in terms of how things are the way they are, possibly due to media "blowing them up" in ways to get our attention.  It also has Father Anthony bring up how going through all these tragedies, past and present, it has him talking about progress, that is we have to "Rise above the conflicts," as well as move on from them, meaning and in terms of to show no weakness and fear and that even though we are a sinful people at times, we still can turn to God and have the ability to trust Him and help with our values and faith.  From his recent trip to Rochester, Father Anthony relates how caring the people were there, not just to him but everyone and reminds us that we need to show care and feelings toward one another in these times of violence raised by various groups, gangs, and terrorists.  


Episode # 1752 - Thursday With The Two Tony’s

Due to Father Anthony being away for his continued treatments and hopefully be back on the air tomorrow.  Also, he is doing well and recovering well too.  But due to all that, this is rerun from July 20th.  Thank you.

Once again, we are joined by the Two Tony’s today, with that being the trend for a bit now, and Father Anthony decides to just “jump right into it” today or into the show today with Tony “flying in” right as the show’s intro ends, but Father Anthony and Tony has much to talk about and discuss today.  For one thing, the Gospel Readings are shared first.  Father Anthony talks about the Value of things and some things in society and in public.  He brings up many things that are going on in society and from what was talked about on Tuesday with the letters Father Anthony and Tony mentioned, reflecting how things are the way they are today, as well as the things we face and how people react to them.  Tony offers commentary on what Father Anthony is talking about and provides “what is guiding me” and “I’m learning to trust” in terms of facing many things and turning to God and Jesus in our time of need and/or comfort.  This brings to mind again the Spiritual Battle and Dark Night (no not Batman LOL) that we all face and go through in our lives.  Even though we go through tough times, The Church, Jesus, and God never and will never abandon us.      


Episode # 1751 - More With WIll Kruger

On this Wednesday, Father Koys and Tony are here and have much to discuss on the show.  For one thing, as the title says, Father Koys was very happy to do another interview, personally and on his own time and recording equipment with Will to talk more on his songs and paying tribute to John Denver, who's concert is coming up this weekend, as promoted on the show(s) this week and we invite you all to come out and witness the performance.  But along those lines, the other things that Father Koys and Tony talkl about are all, in a way, related to Will Kruger's upcoming performance, such as the question Father Koys asks, "How do you get someone interested in something they aren't interested in?"  To answer that, Father Koys and Tony talk about the generation gaps between the present day generation and the one that was or still is around when John Denver was singing and performing.  The two also bring up recent events going on in the nation, including in Virginia and with President Trump, which brings up more on history, to be more precise the 1860's during the Civil War Period in America.  During the seond half of the show, Father Koys shares with us his recent, new interview he conducted with Will Kruger and during that time, Will shares more on his songs and the songs of John Denver and talks about their importance and meaning.  One in particular, Will sings the song: Follow Your Heart to help along those lines and provide further analysis.  


Episode # 1750 - A Tale Of Two Tony’s

Due to Father Anthony being away for his continued treatments in Rochester, and he is doing very well and recovering very well too, this is a re-air from July 11th.  Thank you.

Father Anthony and Tony are here today, so we have the Two Tony’s you could say once again today, LOL.  But today, it’s just the boys today, due to Christina being away for medical reasons and recovering well, but out for a while now.   But as stated and the title says, Father Anthony and Tony are with us today and the whole morning has been busy, so much going on and unfortunately some of it bad, besides Christina out and recovering, last week Deacon Miguel Garcia passed away and the wake and funeral were last week, with Father Anthony and Tony talking about him and sharing many wonderful memories of him.  With all that going on, the Tony’s try to figure out what to discuss today, and first choice is once again the readings from this morning and Father Anthony reflects on the “burden” of being a Priest.  Father Anthony also points out that he and Producers Nick and Armand are working on bringing in people or inviting people to call in to the show in the future (for further details, tune in to further shows and podcasts) to talk to Father Anthony.  He also talks to Tony about how when he’s on the radio, he changes his personality, not in a vocal sense, but how when on the show, he’s more vocal, but when with other priests, he may be quieter at times.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony assures us God guides and helps us through our struggles and troubles, as well as provides us with joy. This brings up the previous subject from other radio discussions, once again on how Life itself is hard, with the world being in a strange place, with Father Anthony and Tony talking about recent and previous tragedies going on in the world, allowing for the topic of being joyful and tragic to be brought up and both Spiritual Combat and the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony always talks about.  Today is the Feast of Saint Benedict today too and Father Anthony reads from his writings too, bringing up the topic of Hell.  



Episode # 1749 – Celiac Disease And Communion

Today, for a different topic of discussion with Mary FioRito, she talks about a serious condition and disease that affects millions of Catholics around the world, Celiac Disease, which for those of you who may not be familiar with it, but a disease within the stomach of a person, which is caused by many of the things we use and eat and enjoy in our lives.  Joining her today is an old, dear friend of hers Father Joseph Noonan, Pastor of Saint Damian Church in Oak Forest, IL, who is diagnosed with this disease.  Before all that, Father Joseph Noonan talks a bit about himself, how he became a priest and history, as well as an upcoming raffle St. Damian is conducting. On the main subject of Celiac Disease, together, Mary and Father Noonan share some of their personal experiences with this disease, as stated Father Noonan is diagnosed with it and his sister, as well as Mary’s children too, each talking about what they had to go through in order to be diagnosed and symptoms associated with it.  Also, Father Noonan talks more on this and provides helpful insights to this disease by talking about it being in things we eat, use, and that were given to us by Jesus Himself too, in the Eucharistic Matter.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Joseph Noonan as well as his upcoming raffle, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Father Joseph Noonan: and


Episode # 1748 - TGIF With Tony’s

Due to Father Anthony being away for a funeral today, this is a re-air from July 21st, 2017.  Thank you and to all our loyal listeners, have a great weekend.

TGIF everyone and the show is off to an okay start for a Friday and weekend coming up.  Father Anthony and Tony are with us again and continue the discussion left off from yesterday Thursday July 20th and bring to mind the adoration for and of God.  This brings up several topics Father Anthony has talked about in the past and how religion and the Church are affected by them or face them at times, allowing how we as a society in America are multicultural and mixed of several things and cultures.  Father Anthony mentions how when he has gone into chapels, he has “felt” the presence of Jesus with him and how He has helped and guided him.  He tells Tony and all of you as well, stories similar to how he has “felt” Jesus, but others have too.  With these topics in mind, as stated before, Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday more on the signs of the times, how things are the way they are today, and how things have changed and gotten different.  After the first break, Father Antony is going into the 2 commentaries he talked about yesterday and finally gets to them, as well as reminding us that God has a plan, we may not know what that plan is, but He has one.  Since God has a plan, Father Anthony provides some examples on how we can at least see some form of it.  Then, as promised, he goes into the 2 commentaries he wanted to talk about yesterday.  This brings up how we suffer and go through struggles, but we get through them and with God’s presence, He helps us too.  Through all this, Father Anthony shares how the world has been affected by how things are the way they are today and how pretty much everything has not only changed, but how people get affected by this.  He brings up words from Pope Benedict who commented on things like this.  As the show wraps up for today, Father Anthony shares Gods solution on this.      


Episode # 1747 – The Feast Day Of Saint Lawrence

Tony “flies” in as Father Anthony starts the show and startles him, as the show with Two Tony’s starts off.  On a fun and positive note, Producer Nick’s parents are visiting the show today and able to see the show live, which leads to Father Anthony opening up the show on the entertainment provided for us all in society and Producer Nick’s mom being a teacher, brings up how the money for entertainment should be put to good use with teaching and providing for many noble professions too.  Also with teachers in mind, Father Anthony and Tony share a story about one of the teachers at St. Stanislaus Kostka School and also how September is coming up and kids are back to school too.  This also brings Father Anthony to talk briefly about Producer Nick’s mom and dad, as well as bring up teachers in general.  Today is the Feast Day of St. Lawrence and Father Anthony shares some history surrounding him, leading to talk more about St Stans dear friend Gerri.  This also brings up the subject Father Anthony has talked about the last few days, the Transfiguration and reminder that God is with us.  With all these subjects, it picks up the discussion as a whole from this entire week in terms of good vs evil and conflicts we face around us and internally and to once again, separate “the wheat from the chaff” again as Father Anthony said and started on last week’s shows.  After the first break, Father Anthony brings up things with the family as a loving group, unit, or set, and unfortunately bring up some sad facts with how families are today, which relates to “the unrest” and “the emptiness” Father Anthony points out.  Tension once again rises up as it has on the show the past few times surrounding these points.  This allows Father Anthony to remind us that God is “tapping” at our door and is there for us.               


Episode # 1746 - Larry Schweikart On Religious Tolerance

Due to Father Koys away because of scheudling conflicts, this is a re-air from July 20th.  Thank you.

It’s Wednesday and as always, Father Koys is here with us again on the show and is very excited to be here.  Picking up this discussion from last week and before, Father Koys talks about one of his heroes, Denis Prager, who has had many discussions in the media surrounding many issues, some that Winds of Change has talked about.  One of the main focuses on here with Denis Prager in mind, is the distinctions between Catholic Christians and Protestant Christians, with Father Koys expressing that in this day and age, we need to work together.  Another of Father Koys heroes he talks about mainly today and tries to analyze what he recently talked about at Prager Univeristy, is Larry Schweikart, who discusses religious tolerance here on the show, provided with a few audio clips of his most recent discussions on this, as well as being a history fan as Father Koys is, many historical parts are brought up from and in America, with religious tolerance and patriotism.  But the audio clips from Larry Schweikart bring to mind the questions and answers that possibly are brought up on religious tolerance.  This discussion raises some key points that you, our listeners, may agree or disagree with since many have their own opinions on things and these topics.  This also raises different views regarding political views too.        


Episode # 1745 – The Need For Sacred Silence

It’s Tuesday and we have again with us the Two Tony’s again today, with Father Anthony trying to get used to and is used to the morning walks most do.  However, it’s a beautiful day today and the show picks up where Father Anthony and Tony left off yesterday, in terms of the way things are and the city of Chicago itself being a casualty with so many shootings going on, including the 30 over the past weekend.  This also raises up some things including how we are all surrounded by noise and Father Anthony explains the power of silence.  He also talks to Tony and everyone about the Sacred Mysteries around us and that we wonder about ourselves, that mission due to being servants and disciples of God.  This allows both Tony and Father Anthony to reminisce about being at St. Stanislaus Kostka in the past.  After the first break, Father Anthony and Tony discuss the “need for silence” again due to lots of things around us, including music, create noise and we are around it so much, the need for silence and silent prayer you could say is definitely sacred and worth needing.   This allows us to listen and in a way, as Father Anthony points out, that even though we can’t exactly “hear” the voice of God, by the silence, there are ways to “hear” Him in a manner.  Next on this discussion is Pope Sixtus and reminds about that sacred space we have for God and everything.   


Episode # 1744 – Monday With The Two Tony’s

On this Monday, usually Mary FioRito is with us, but today Father Anthony “takes her place” as he says with Tony due to Mary being away for family reasons.  A different change of pace for today, but we all send our thoughts and prayers to Mary and her family.  But, with the Two Tony’s again today, Father Anthony and Tony have a lot of things on their mind today, possibly due to Monday Mood LOL.  But, Father Anthony talks about the Nigerians who were killed over the weekend in a massacre at a mass, at least 11 confirmed dead in the news.  This leads to mention how 30 people in Chicago were shot at.  However on a positive note, Lollapalooza was over the weekend and Father Anthony decided to drive, yes drive due to him having a car now, and take a look at the fun celebration.  Tony tries to describe to Father Anthony, as well as those who may not be familiar with what Lollapalooza is.  From this positive subject of Lollapalooza, it brings up many fond and good memories for everyone on the show from various related things.  After the first break, the discussion of tattoos and church laws are brought up, with Lollapalooza in mind and ways of looking at this, how many enjoy tattoos, but Father Anthony raises the idea of someone possibly regretting getting one.  This goes further into discussing Catholicism and not allowing to tattoo the body, even though many people still do.  Yesterday being the Feast Day of the Transfiguration, Father Anthony and Tony talk about that for a bit, with a few prayers in mind and our relationship with God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.