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Episode # 5720 – Vaccination Rules, Policies, And More

The Two Tony’s are here and Producer Nick reminds them Fall is almost here, since he is wearing his signature pumpkin hat (all in fun).  After the opening prayer, they discuss more on the Covid-19 vaccines and what the church is saying in terms of those who have to be fully vaccinated in order to attend mass, funerals, and weddings.  The Two Tony’s share their feelings on not only the pandemic, but also on what the church is saying for fully vaccinated people.  This also brings to mind all the factors in terms of how we have been combating the virus, such as the booster shots, more testing done, and those who choose to be or not to be vaccinated and how something feels off with some of this, which once again raises the questions of are we are war and/or are we in a battle with this virus?    

Episode # 5719 – Discussions With Karen Kerbis And Congressman Dan Lipinski

Lauretta Froelich is here loyal listeners and she is thrilled to be here and getting ready for Fall and today she has on two guests.  First, she is happy to have Karen Kerbis, former State’s Attorney, writer for Spanish television, and is the subject for an upcoming documentary to be shown at the Music Box and premieres tonight.  Karen is happy to share her experiences as a State’s Attorney, as well as her transition from Attorney to writer for Spanish television, which included her moving to Mexico.  For the second half of the show, Lauretta is happy to welcome back, Congressman Dan Lipinski, who is the recipient of the Praesidium Vitae Award at the Aid for Women’s Annual Benefit Dinner on September 29th, 2021.  For more information on Karen Kerbis and Congressman Dan Lipinski, visit:

Karen Kerbis: and

Congressman Dan Lipinski: and


Episode # 5718 – Going Through The Purge, But Remain Vigilante And Let God Guide Us

They can finally say it today, TGIF everyone.  The Two Tony’s are here and Father Anthony is excited for all the masses held over the weekend and is ready to get all those important ones done and invites all to attend.  Tony however, feels that he wants to be happy and he is, but he doesn’t feel upbeat today.  So…Father Anthony tries to help him enjoy the day, as he does for all our loyal listeners.  From this discussion and prayer, it leads to discuss the beauty of the Rosary and the silence that we can embrace for a time in order to feel God’s presence and that He will help us.  Father Anthony also shares some of the readings as well with going through a purge, but to remain vigilante and keep the faith and faith in God, as well as allowing Him to guide us.  With Tony feeling out of it a little, this relates to the Spiritual Battle we find ourselves in.   

Episode # 5717 – The Future Of The Church

Thursday with the Two Tony’s and it feels like Friday Feeling has crept into the studio, with the Two Tony’s feeling a bit forgetful today or forgetting some things for the show.  Not to worry, for after the show gets going and the first break, the Two Tony’s get back on track.  First, Father Anthony reflects on the words of Pope Benedict.  Another, is the Two Tony’s discuss the future of the church, in terms of what has been said regarding lots of things affecting the church, not just the Pandemic, but other things, including how many are closing and making space for other things.   

Episode # 5716 - Father Koys On The Feast Day Of Our Lady Of Sorrows

Father Koys is here loyal listeners and he is very excited to wrinkle your brains as usual every Wednesday.  Today, being the Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows, Father Koys shares the topic of shedding tears and sadness in the world and how it's a sign of a Holy person.  With all that is going on to cause such a thing, he talks about the joy and sorrow in life and the way things are now.  Also, Father Koys shares some more insight on the TLM-Traditional Latin Mass and more on Covid-19 and the vaccines, bringing testimonials from those who have lost loved ones and friends to this virus, as well as reactions to the vaccines.   

Episode # 5715 – The Feast Day Of The Triumph Of The Cross

Feeling kind of blah, (not sick) in terms of where to go with the show, the Two Tony’s open with prayer, and how today is an important Feast Day, the Feast Day of the Triumph of the Cross.  With such an important Feast Day for this year, the Two Tony’s discuss much of the history behind this particular day and also its importance to not only the Church, but to the entire world.  Also, with the Chaplet Prayer in mind, Father Anthony points out that it’s our way to express gratitude toward the Father and for His help and our continued faith in Him.  Another serious question Father Anthony expresses, not only to Tony but to all of you, is: “Where are we?” in terms of here 20 years later after the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

Episode # 5714 – An Examination Of Women of Hope: Doctors of the Church

Lauretta is here and also Mary returns to us too, after working things out with getting her kids in school.  Today, the ladies have an incredible guest on today, Mrs. Terry Polakovic, author of a new book: Women of Hope: Doctors of the Church.  The three ladies not only discuss Terry’s new book, but also what inspired and motivated her to write it, as well as her own life in the service of the Lord.  They also discuss how influential the book is and has become since its been published.  For more information on Mary, Lauretta, and Terry Polakovic and her book Women of Hope: Doctors of the Church, be sure to visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Terry Polakovic:

Episode # 5713 - Dave Carollo On Religion And Politics

Dave Carollo joins us again loyal listeners.  He picks up his discussion from where he left off, talking about the evil in the world and making sure we keep our faith.  However, his main discussion today is to focus on talking about our history in this country of America and our faith.  He also points out with faith, comes our ability to worship and from this, it brings to mind patriotism and faith in the world, leading to discuss some of the things going on globally, not just the pandemic, but what is happening in Afghanistan.   For more information on Dave Carollo and The World Apostolate of Fatima, please visit online at: 

Episode # 5712 - Evil Having Its Day

Dave Carollo is back with us loyal listeners, the Executive Director of The World Apostolate of Fatima and he is thrilled to  be sitting in for Father Anthony again everyone.  Today, he talks about evil in the world and how evil is having its day, indicated by the various things that are attacking us, not just physically, such as the Pandemic for example, but also mentally and spiritually by all that has been happening in the world.  With that in mind, Dave stresses the message of the Blue Army by saying to pray for the salvation of souls in this world.  For more information on Dave Carollo and The World Apostolate of Fatima, please visit online at: 

Episode # 5711 - Father Koys On Peace Of Soul And Updates On Covid-19 And Vaccines

Father Tom Koys is back loyal listeners.  Today, he has a few things to discuss.  One is the book: Peace of Soul  by Fulton J. Sheen, and how it is looking at to understand how our faith can help us and our soul and stay connected to God.  His second topic of discussion, is continuing his examination and sharing the latest facts and updates surrounding the coronavirus and the vaccines, including the antibodies many people have after being exposed to the virus.  

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