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Episode # 5282 - The Two Tony’s On A Letter To The Bishops

Due to Father Anthony still away in Rome, this is a re-air from December 6th, 2019.  It has been edited at the end for time.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone and the Two Tony’s are very excited for Friday being here.  Picking up where they left off yesterday on the discussion of how things are in the world, the Two Tony’s continue on discussing the Gospel Readings conducted at the latest masses at Saint Stans and relates to things going on currently, one being abortion.  This discussion leads to talk about how society has changed and lost its civilized way of doing things, which includes God and our worship of Him and turning to Him.  To help on this, Father Anthony shares a recent letter sent to the Bishops that shares some of the things the Two Tony’s discuss on the show and ways to bring us back to God.      

Episode # 5281 - The Two Tony’s On The Free Reign Of The Flesh

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rome, this is a re-air from October 17th and September 19th, 2019.  Thank you.

After giving the opening prayer on the show as he is trying to do now, Father Anthony and Tony discuss how important prayer is and how good it feels to pray and how we feel afterwards.  Another thing the Two Tony’s discuss, the Free Reign of the Flesh, not just in terms of sex, which is what most consider, but how we are all connected and navigating through this world, primarily through our phones, since Father Anthony got a new one, and how there is much out there and going on in the world.  However, the Two Tony’s point out that even though it’s tempting, we need to take into account the feeling of God and allowing time to not only turn off the phone, but also to take time to be with God at times and to allow ourselves to be helped and pray to Him.  This brings up more on how things have changed in culture and society.       

Episode # 5280 – Father Koys On Occams’ Razor Continued

It’s brain wrinkling time again with Father Koys on this second Wednesday of January in 2020.  Today, Father Koys first shares more on what he was talking about last week, Occam’s razor.  Another thing he looks at, is a different area here, in science and medicine and how it continued to improve and gain greater advantages as it moved from the Old World to the New World, in terms of the years it changed and he talks about criticizing the modern scientists because they follow the thinking of Occam.  He reexamines the 4 Causes of Aristotle again to help explain Occam’s razor in the modern era.  He also looks at the advances of technology and brings to mind Steve Jobs, a very influential person in that area, but how Steve Jobs follows Occam’s mistake.      

Episode # 5279 - The Two Tony’s And The Trials And Tragedies In Life

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rome, this is a re-air from October 22nd, 2019.  Thank you.

It’s Tuesday with the Two Tony’s and Father Anthony is just coming off a funeral for a family that he has known and seen for many years while being a priest at St. Stans.  With that in mind, they not only discuss the funeral and family, which everyone from Winds of Change offers their thoughts and prayers for their loss, but also the journey of life or the journey that one goes through during their lives and life in general.  From this, the family has history with the Holocaust and Concentration Camps and the Two Tony’s talk about the stories of those who went through that and survived, as well as lost loved ones in that tragedy, explaining the wounds that still or might still linger on in those who survived.  On a more cheerful note, the Two Tony’s talk about the success of the Blue Mass that was held this past weekend and how it was a mass to pay tribute to police, fire fighters, first responders, and all others who perform services to assist and help people.           

Episode #5278 – An Interview With Dr. Carrie Gress Ph.D.

After being away due to family business, Mary is back on this Monday in January for her first show of 2020.  Joining her is a “super woman” as she puts it, a philosopher, author, and mother: Carrie Gress, Ph.D. who is a very famous author of several Catholic Books.  The main focus Mary and Carrie share, is where and how and what influenced Carrie to write and publish those books, and how they have helped out so many people, being very influential works within the Catholic Community and others.  Dr. Carrie Gress explains many of the main focuses from her books and shares her feelings on what they mean in the world, as well as within the family too, as well as her family and homemaking itself these days.  The also discuss her most recent book: The Anti-Mary Exposed Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity. For more information on Mary FioRito and her guest Carrie Gress Ph.D. and a complete list of her books, visit:

 Mary FioRito:    

Carrie Gress Ph.D.: and

Episode # 5277 - Dave Carollo In 2020

It’s Friday and today we have a real treat for you loyal listeners, for Dave Carollo is back with us for his first show of 2020.  Today, he is joined by Patrick Sabat and Deacon Bob Ellis from Green Bay, WI.  Today, these 3 men discuss the times we are living in and how they have changed and hard times too, but to remind us to keep the faith alive in ourselves and that we have to be better people in order to become Holy and do more Holy things around us.  Dave also shares some of the things that have carried over into 2020.  The three of them also discuss some of the work that they have been doing to help out many, including the work done by the World Apostolate of Fatima that Dave has discussed before.  For more information on Dave Carollo, Patrick Sabat, and Deacon Bob Ellis, visit online at:

Dave Carollo: :

Episode # 5276 - The Two Tony’s On The Feast Day Of Saint Steven

Due to Father Anthony being in Rochester to follow up on his condition, and he is doing very well, this is a re-air from December 26th, 2019 and the end has been extended for time.  Thank you.

It’s the Day After Christmas with the Two Tony’s loyal listeners.  Once again, Merry Christmas from all of us at Winds of Change and they remind you that even though the holiday is technically over, the Christmas Season continues.  Also, they share how Christmas was for them this year, for one thing, if not a White Christmas, but a Warm Christmas due to spring like weather out there in Chicago today.  The Two Tony’s also talk about when they are the happiest, in terms of the holidays Christmas and Easter (possibly again due to the spring weather).  Today is also the Feast Day of Saint Steven and the Two Tony’s explain this Feast Day’s significance.   

Episode # 5275 – Father Koys Begins In 2020

It’s Father Koys’s first show of 2020 loyal listeners and as usual, he’s ready for some brain wrinkling again.  On today’s show, he continues his look into examining history of God and the nation of Israel.  He shares revelations and connections he had in looking into this and his opinions on some of the people mentioned in the history, such as the Three Kinds who came to see Jesus when He was born.  Father Koys also talks about the differences between the generations again, in terms of those who go to church still, and those with have “left” the church.  This shows a difference in terms of how the beliefs of many have changed and differentiated than years before.  Father Koys also shares some insights about Aristotle’s Four Causes and how Occam’s razor causes our younger generation to abandon the faith.    

Episode # 5274 - The Two Tony’s On Father Anthony’s Road To Recovery

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester, but don't worry, he is doing okay and recovering okay, but this is a re-air from December 17th, 2019.  Thank you.

It’s Tuesday with the Two Tony’s on December 3rd and they are very, very excited to be back after a whole lot of things going on and re-airs of the show the last few weeks.  But today, the Two Tony’s share how much has happened, not just new equipment and Thanksgiving last week, but also how Advent has begun and the Feast Day of Saint Francis Xavier is today too.  One main thing, Father Anthony talks about all that he’s been going through with dealing with cancer and he tells Tony and our listeners just about all that happened and recently with his surgeries and treatments.  All in all, the tumor is completely gone after months and months of treatment and procedures, so some very good news today loyal listeners.  He thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers and the joy of being recovered.  This allows the Two Tony’s to once again talk about how life itself is stressful, but remind us that God helps us and during this season of Advent, He hears us and we come to pray to Him.  The Two Tony’s also mention a little on Saint Francis Xavier.    

Episode # 5273 - A Visit From The Aid For Women

Due to Mary FioRito being away for family buisness, this is a re-air from September 16th, 2019.  One of her most popular shows.  Thank you.

Mary FioRito, like Father Anthony at times, is “flying” into the studio, due to the traffic.  With that aside, Mary is very happy and pleased to be joined by her two friends, Molly Perry and Kris Cortes, co-chairs for the organization: Aid For Women, which helps women dealing with unexpected and unplanned pregnancies and they are preparing for their most important upcoming even, the Aid for Women Dinner.  They explain the importance of this dinner, as well as having keynote speakers, special events, and other components that are important to the Pro-Life Community.  Molly and Kris talk about not only the dinner, but Aid For Women itself as a whole organization and what it has been doing to help many women and how it has helped many with unexpected pregnancies.  Another special area and person that Mary, Molly, and Kris discuss is Obianuju Ekeocha, who not only will be one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Aid For Women Dinner, but also from Nigeria and all the work that she has done in Africa and helped so many, as well as being a huge influence on many.  For more information on Mary FioRito, Molly Perry, Kris Cortes and Aid For Women and their upcoming dinner and tickets, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:      

Aid For Women: