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Episode # 5771 - A Continuing Examination Of The Holy Spirit By Maria Vadia

Due to Father being away and returning from Rochester today, as well as Lauretta away on business, this is a re-air of another one of our most popular shows from October 21st and featured guests.  Thank you.

Lauretta Froelich is back with us loyal listeners and she is excited to be on the show again.  First off, Lauretta shares the latest information and facts regarding the Parental Notification of Abortion Act which Mary is away on.  Today, she is very happy and pleased to welcome back on the show, Maria Vadia.  Today, Lauretta and Maria discuss more on the Holy Spirit and how it will never disappoint you and help you in your trouble times and give you the supernatural strength to deal with things in your life.  They also share some of the upcoming events where you loyal listeners can participate in seeking the Holy Spirit and allow yourselves to experience what Maria discusses.  For more information, visit:

Maria Vadia: and

Episode # 5770 - Dave Carollo On Fear And The Signs Of The Times

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester and scheduling conflicts, this is a re-air from September 30th and another one of our most popular shows, featuring Dave Carollo.  Thank you.

Joining us today, after a trip from Patima, Portugal, Dave Carollo is back,  the Executive Director of the World Apostolate of Fatima.  Today, Dave wants to talk about fear and how fear is very big around the world, not just with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the rise of the Delta Variant form of the virus and how that fear has changed so much.  One of the biggest things that fear has changed is how mass is conducted these days, with people so used to sitting at home, watching mass on their computers instead of going to mass in church.  He also talks about how we can get over fear, and one way is that we help ourselves, as well as helping others and remain vigilant and that the heart of man will triumph.  For more information, visit: 

Episode # 5769 - Father Koys With More On Marriage And Family

First off, we at Winds of Change would like to apologize for the technical issues that occurred at the start of the show.  We are working towards making sure they get resolved.  Again, we apologize.  

Father Koys is here and after some tech issues, he's ready to tackle the issues of the day and week.  His focus this time, is on various things, but mostly around marriage and the family.  Along those lines, he examines various cases in the United States regarding abortion and how several states are trying to make it legal or illegal.  He also looks at recent YouTube videos and clips that have a woman who discusses that she rejected Catholicism and why, which in turn comes back to the family and marriage aspect.

Episode # 5768 - The Choice We Make With Or Against God

With Father Anthony in Rochester this week and back on Friday, this is a re-air from November 16th and another one of our most popular shows.  Thank you.

It’s Tuesday and the return of the Two Tony’s, as Father Anthony was in Rochester last week and doing good and Tony returns when he does.  Today, they share their thoughts on how seriously we take in the search for God who has already found us, clearly indicated by readings Father Anthony reflects on.  This raises the question and the choice we have with God, are you with Him or against Him?  This brings to mind the tribulation and the distress, as we sometimes lose the faith in Gods help, but to remember our faith in God will help us and make things right with Him.

Episode # 5767 – Ways Of Worshiping And Experience The Joy Of The Lord

It’s Cyber Monday everyone and we hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  Joining us on the show today, flying solo is Lauretta Froelich and she is really excited.  She has two guests on today and for the first ten minutes of the show, she welcomes her good friend, Ivory Bustin from Revive Chicago: A Night Of Worship, which will air Tuesday December 7th for all to witness.  Ivory explains what this event is going to do and help in terms of worshiping the Lord.  For the second half, Lauretta welcomes back fan favorite, Maria Vadia and they reflect on Thanksgiving and they discuss the time when God is here, with the spontaneous times when we feel God’s presence and He helps us, as well as the Holy Spirits.  They also discuss some of the other holidays for other cultures, such as Hanukkah.  For more information on upcoming events, visit:

Ivory Bustin:

Maria Vadia: and

Episode # 5766 - The Two Tony’s On Falling Into Satan’s Trap

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, and Black Friday this week, this is a re-air from October 29th and it will officially air on WNDZ on Friday, November 26th.  Thank you and have a safe Holiday weekend and Black Friday.  

TGIF everyone and today is a Freaky Friday at Saint Stans, where the show is faced with or was faced with multiple tech problems and the Two Tony’s express their gratitude to Mr. Wizard, Producer Nick working while they’re on the show fixing things up.  When that is done and opening prayer, the Two Tony’s discuss the evil and evil presence in the world, clearly indicated by all the tech issues Producer Nick had to fix and Father Anthony shares a personal story about how he felt incapacitated once and felt an evil presence around him causing him to fall into Satan’s Trap as Father Anthony calls it.  From this experience, as well as for us all, he established his trust in God and his faith in God to help him and have a shield of protection around us.  With this subject matter in mind, The Two Tony’s talk about Halloween this year.

Episode # 5765 - The Two Tony’s On The Stress, Battles, And Conflicts In Life

It's Thanksgiving and we hope you all are enjoying and staying safe.  Due to Thanksgiving, this will air officially on Thanksgiving Day, tomorrow, Thursday November 25th on WNDZ.  It's another one of our popular shows and it's a re-air from October 28th.  it also has been edited for time at the end.  From all of us at Winds of Change, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  

After finishing a funeral, the Two Tony’s are back on the air.  With that funeral in mind, Father Anthony points out that there is a lot of anxiety and stress in the world and that we have to go through in these crazy times we live in.  With us still in the month of October, the Two Tony’s do and remind everyone to pray the Rosary this month.  After the opening prayer, Father Anthony continues to talk about the struggles, battles, and conflicts we face and find ourselves in.  From this, Father Anthony shares that we have to have faith and how the words of Saint Paul can help us.

Episode # 5764 - Father Koys On Parental Notice Of Abortion

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this is a re-air from October 27th, 2021 and it is one of our most popular shows.  Thank you.

Father Koys is here again loyal listeners, ready to wrinkle your brains on the hot topics of the day and times we live in.  Today, he begins with talking about fixing and getting back to where we and God want to go in terms of getting back to normal and through the pandemic and what direction we are heading in toward that.  Secondly, he shares his thoughts and the latest information on parents and their children concerning the Parental Notice of Abortion and abortion itself.  Third, he brings up more facts surrounding Covid-19.

Episode # 5763 – Preparing For Thanksgiving And After The Feast Day Of Christ The King

With Thanksgiving this week, the Two Tony’s share how afterwards, we must be ready for what to expect next, not just Christmas, but Advent and other things taking place in December.  After the opening prayer, Father Anthony shares a story to remind us about Thanksgiving, not just the National Holiday, but also it’s importance and why and what we should give thanks for and be thankful for, especially in these times we’re all in.  Father Anthony also brings to mind with not only being thankful, but to show not fear and have faith that God and Jesus will help us and hear our prayers of hope, as brought up by documents Father Anthony talks about.  With the Feast Day of Christ the King passed, the Two Tony’s reflect on that and what happens after that particular Feast Day.

Episode # 5762 – Reactions To The Kyle Rittenhouse Case

Lauretta and Mary are back with us loyal listeners; however, they have serious subjects for the show today.  Frist off, the terrible tragedy that occurred in Wisconsin over the weekend during a Christmas parade when a SVU plowed into a crowd of spectators, killing 5 people and injuring over 40 others.  They and all of us at Winds of Change offer our thoughts and prayers to the families in Wisconsin going through this terrible tragedy.  Next, they share their thoughts and opinions on the recent verdict of not guilty for Kyle Rittenhouse, whom many remember being charged with shootings in Kenosha, WI in the summer of 2020.  Being a former prosecuting attorney, Lauretta goes through the process of what happens during a case and trial such as this.  With Thanksgiving this week, they discuss the true meaning of Thanksgiving born out of prayer, fasting, and blessing by the Lord.  For more on this topic, check out Derrick Princes book: Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting.  For more information on today’s topics, visit:

Mary FioRito:

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