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Episode # 5647 – Preparing For The Sacred Heart 2021

TGIF and on this day, June 11, 2021, the state of Illinois has/is officially re-opening due to the number of Covid-19 vaccines distributed and case are significantly lower to allow the states plan in Phase 5 to happen.  To discuss this before the prayer and Tony arriving, Producer Nick joins Father Anthony for a few minutes to discuss how it feels weird, yet freeing to not have the mask on and completely vaccinated.  After the opening prayer and Tony arrives, the Two Tony’s discuss two things.  One is that the Feast of the Sacred Heart is this weekend and share it’s importance and significance.  Two, is that Father’s Day is coming up next week too.   


Episode # 5646 – Dysfunction In Society

The Two Tony’s are both once again flying in for the show.  Tony, after driving in talks about all the chaos on the highway with people driving crazy, which leads them to talk about people in general in terms of how they act.  Father Antony raises the idea of dysfunction in society due to all that is happening, not just a dysfunctional family, but dysfunction in all of us.  This in turn brings us back to looking at how the world is full of suffering, but one way to help is to allow us to put out faith in God and keep our faith in God in order to help us get through the tough times, as well as support the good.    


Episode # 5645 - Father Koys On The Feast Day Of The Sacred Heart

It's Wednesday and once again it's time for Father Thomas Koys to wrinkle your brains loyal listeners.  Today, his focus is on what is coming up this weekend, for he will be holding a talk surrounding the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart this Sunday.  He talks about it and it's importance.  He also starts to discuss the 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart that everyone should keep in mind during this time.  

Episode # 5644 -Has The Past Year Changed Your Life?

Tuesday with the Two Tony’s and they have much to discuss.  For one thing, the kindergarteners graduated at the school this morning and much to get ready for that.  Father Anthony also has a gift for Tony today on the show, a letter from Camille, specifically to Tony, talking about what they can use on the program, as well as understanding of the loss of a pet and other things.  But the real gift is a book titled: I Will Wait For You In Heaven.  After the first break, Father Anthony asks Tony, as well as all of our loyal listeners if this past year has changed you psychologically and faith, in terms of the Pandemic, the Lockdown, and other things affected by the Pandemic.  This in turn raises key points on trust, confusion, concern, and worry.      


Episode # 5643 – Wide Awake On Current Issues

Mary and Lauretta are back on this Monday in June and they are really excited today.  Their main focus this time on the show is to discuss the Fulton vs The City of Philadelphia Case the Supreme Court is dealing with and to discuss that, we welcome back attorney Andrea Piciotti, who explains this controversial case further by explaining the religious liberty issues involved and where she thinks the Supreme Court might be headed in this case.  Andrea also discusses her upcoming project: The Conscience Project.  For the second half of the show, they have Noelle Mering one of Mary’s colleagues at the Ethics & Public Policy Center and, author of the book: Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology and discuss the inspirations for the book and explains "Woke ideology" and "Critical Race Theory" and offers solutions to the issues that they pose for Christians living in today's complex society.

For more information on Mary, Lauretta and their guests, visit online at:

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Episode # 5642 – Preparations For The Feast Of Corpus Christi

TGIF and the Two Tony’s have more to discuss after asking the common questions yesterday.  The first focus is on the children and education, as well as the value of education and the way people go through education and the progression of one’s education.  Secondly, since this Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Two Tony’s share information, facts, and history surrounding this particular Feast Day. 

Episode # 5641 – Questions Raised And Revolving Around Our Faith

The Two Tony’s are back and Father Anthony before the show raised some questions to bring up on the show.  Questions revolving around our faith and how we can keep our faith, as well as at times we have moments or periods of doubt in our lives in the world due to the stress and frustration in our lives.  This in turn brings to mind the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony has b4rought up and Tony brings to mind some other good ones we might not think about at times and even Producer Nick too, especially one of the big ones we might ask God a lot: “What is my purpose in life?”   

Episode # 5640 -Father Koys With More On The Spanish Inquisition

Father Koys is ready to wrinkle your brains again loyal listeners, as he continues his examination of the Spanish Inquisition.  He still looks at the article from Thomas Madden, but he also wants to bring you the true story of the Spanish Inquisition.  To do that, after referencing the classic Monty Python skit again, Father Koys takes us to around 1414, when the Spanish Inquisition formed and gives many historical facts on this again.  

Episiode #5639 - Fear, Hate, Anger, Frustration And Damage By The Pandemic

Tuesday with the two Tony’s and after discussing what they did in observance of Memorial Day yesterday, they share more on what is going on with how the Pandemic is slowing down and the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago is preparing to reopen.  Mainly, the two Tony’s discuss all the fear, anger, frustration, hate, and damage that the Pandemic has brought, resulting in things like the recent tragic shootings.  Father Anthony reminds us that if this continues, then our faith in God and His help can and will deteriorate. 

Episode# 5638 - Mary And Lauretta On Current Events

Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, this is a re-air of another one of our most popular shows, from May 3rd and 10th.  It will officially air on Memorial Day, Monday May 31st, 2021.  Enjoy and have a safe Memorial Day.

We’re pleased to have the return of Mary and Lauretta on this first Monday of May. The ladies are very excited and they have a great show lined up for you.  First, the discuss how Pope Francis has declared this year the year of Saint Joseph.  Also, they discuss what has been happening in the Pro-Life area.  Another spot is talking about the recent letter submitted by Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, the Archbishop of San Francisco and the responses it has gotten on social media sights.  For the second half of the show, the ladies welcome Dan Herbert, a former police officer and now a current defense attorney who talks about Bank the Blue, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting police offices in Chicago and Cook County, offering them programs outside their departments that will address mental health issues and help rebuild relationships with the communities they serve.  Bank the Blue has an upcoming fundraiser on October 21st, 2021.  For more information on Mary, Lauretta, and Dan Herbert, visit online at:

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