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Episode # 5487 - The Feast Day Of Saint Margaret Mary

Due to Father Anthony still being in Rochester, but he will return next week, this is a re-air from October 16th.  Thank you.  And from all of us at Winds of Change, we wish you all a fun, happy, and safe Halloween.  

TGIF with the Two Tony’s once again everyone.  Today, they are getting ready for the weekend and it’s hard to believe that we are in the middle of October already.  Today, the Two Tony’s discuss more on the anxiety and worries of many in the world, not only with the Pandemic, but everything in our lives.  Also, like yesterday, today is the Feast Day of Saint Margaret Mary and the Two Tony’s share her work and readings, just as they did yesterday for Saint Theresa, relating to redemption, renewing of the faith, and more.  

Episode # 5486 - The Two Tony’s On The Statistics Of The Archdiocese

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester and doing well and okay, this is a re-air from October 1st and it has been edited at the end for time.  Thank you.

Flying solo at the start of the show, Father Anthony joins us loyal listeners and Tony arrives after the start of the show.  The Two Tony’s discuss how it has been a crazy week, with so many meetings with the Archdiocese and the Church with lots of things going on and work to do.  And after praying the Angelus, the Two Tony’s share how many parishes are closing or merging in these times, and how many people aren’t going to practice their faith and prayer.  From this, the Archdiocese is gathering information on all that, resulting in many changes and new things.  This brings to mind how everyone’s faith will be affected and how Churches and Parishes were large in the past, in terms of people going and praying, as compared to today.  Father Anthony shares some of the statistics that were found by the Archdiocese and that he discussed in meetings and he speaks on how renewing the faith is what the Archdiocese is going to be watching.          

Episode # 5485 – Father Koys On Gods And Generals Teaching Us About Today

Father Koys is here and as on every Wednesday, he’s ready to wrinkle our brains with insightful topics.  Today, Father Koys talks about the election next week and how important (as is every election) it is this year, especially with the Pandemic and the many laws and/or changes that may or may not occur from the results.  Another topic he looks at is the book: Why Your Children Won’t Get Into Heaven by Russel Wenzel and how this work has been examined by many and how it looks at sacred scripture and Holy tradition.  Using excerpts from the movie: God’s and Generals, Father Koys points out the dilemma about fighting for a cause and how it impacts ones private life. 

Episode # 5484 - The Two Tony’s On The Miracle Of The Sun

Due to Father Anthony being in Rochester, but doing okay and alright, this is a re-air from October 13th.  Thank you.

Tuesday with the Two Tony’s again loyal listeners and again, it feels like they have been gone a long time.  Today, they discuss not only how Halloween is approaching, as indicated by Producer Nick’s traditional pumpkin hat, but how Autumn is in the air and the leaves are turning and wind is picking up, even though the weather outside has been warm on some days.  However, after talking about a two birds attacking each other, this brings to mind talking about the recent Pet Blessing Father Anthony held, with many fun and cute pets and a good turnout.  After the prayer for the world and the upcoming election, on this day in 1917, there was a Miracle of the Sun and Father Anthony talks about that and how visiting is the skull cap of Pope John Paul the Second and how a lot of people are getting really stressed and tired of all the news going on with Covid-19.  Once again, this brings to mind our relationship with God and our faith toward Him, in how if we lose our faith, many things such as the nation, family, and other factors in life, may collapse, which in turn once again expresses the need to pray the Rosary.         

Episode # 5483 – Mary And The Trinity Of Phone Guests

It’s Monday with Mary and she is very excited, because she has 3 guests on the show today.  Starting off the show, Mary is happy to welcome back Professor Carter Snead of Notre Dame Law School and author of the book What It Means To Be Human and the discussion is Judge Amy Coney Barrett recently appointed to the Supreme Court and more on his book.  The second guest she has on is our very own Oscar Delgado and with him on the show for a change, he and Mary discuss his new documentary Two Crowns the Movie which will premiere in Chicago today.  And for the final segment of the show, Mary has Andrea Picciotti Bayer on and they discuss a case the Supreme Court may take up next week involving foster care.  For more information on Mary and her 3 guests, visit online at…

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Episode # 5482 - The Two Tony’s On The Changes In The Mass

TGIF everyone and the Two Tony’s are back this week, after being away from the show for so many reasons.  Opening the show, they discuss the Statue of Our Lady Of Fatima traveling around and that it made its way to Saint Stanislaus and more.  Father Anthony also talks about how well the kids behaved in the Children’s Mass this morning with the rules during the Pandemic.  From this, the Two Tony’s talk about how the mass has changed in many ways, such as receiving communion and how much everything is safe and sanitized.  In a different direction, the Two Tony’s talk more on Pope John Paul the Second, with his Feast Day being yesterday.    


Episode # 5481 - The Second Encore Presentation Of The 10th Anniversary Of Winds Of Change On The Air

As promised, this is the second encore presentation of the Winds of Change 10th Anniversary Show.

It will officially air tomorrow on Thursday, October 22, 2020.  Thank you.

Tuesday with the Two Tony’s after Labor Day 2020 and they are doing okay and feeling alright.  For one thing, it is that start of celebrating the 10 years Winds of Change has been on the air.  From the special breaks made, the Two Tony’s reflect on being on the show for 10 years and how much has happened in those 10 years, as well as remembering those who helped start and put it together, as well as those who contributed to the show being on it, such as Gerri, bringing back many fond memories of shows past. 

Episode # 5480 – Father Koys On Pope Francis’s Approval Of Same Sex Unions

Father Koys is here once again and ready to wrinkle your brains with more insightful topics.  Today, he continues his discussion from last week on the family and also on the idea of losing someone precious to you, with the pain that follows, as well as anger and sorrow.  This connects to Father Koys’s call to young Catholics to get married in church because defending marriage is a cause worth fighting for.  He also shares disappointment at Pope Francis’s approval of same sex marriages. 

Episode # 5479 - The Two Tony’s On The Challenges And Consequences In Life

Due to Father Anthony having a lot of work to do, but he is feeling okay, this is a re-air from September 22nd and 1st.   Another popular show. Thank you.

The Two Tony’s return loyal listeners on this first day of September and they have much to discuss today.  They offer prayers for all that is going on in the world and with all the suffering and chaos around us.  Later on, they reflect on the recent Sunday readings and how they are related to what is going on around us and Father Anthony talks about challenging them, as well as reminding all of us that Life is a challenge and consequences to things.  They also point out that with these challenges and consequences, it’s a way to show what is the truth in terms of Life and things we go through, against the way we want things in Life to go.  In this discussion, it leads to talk about the Catholic worship to God.   

Episode # 5478 - Monday With Mary And Father Matthew Gamber

Due to the unfortunate and sad passing of Mary's good friend Father Matthew Gamber, this is a re-air from when he joined Mary on the show, way back in 2017 to honor him.  We at Winds of Change send our thoughts and prayers to Mary and to the friends and family of Father Matthew Gamber.  

It’s Monday here on Winds of Change and a Monday with Mary FioRito again and live today (or was at the time of the live broadcast) and  but today is special due to that today Mary is joined by Father Matthew Gamber from Saint Xavier Church in Cincinnati, OH and is a Jesuit Priest.  Father Matthew Gamber talks to Mary about his history becoming a Jesuit Priest, and what he had to do to become one and get ordained as well.  He also talks about his personal life, including that he studied and gained a Master’s Degree in journalism in school, and being a native from Chicago too.  With him being a student of journalism when he was in college, Mary and Father Matthew talk about lots of the books and magazines that they have read, which leads to discussing all the Catholic Fiction that is out there for all to read, with Father Matthew sharing his personal favorites, with many gripping stories on redemption, faith, sacrifice, conversion, and beliefs  You could say that May and Father Matthew share their own personal lists of favorite Catholic Novels and try to provide some interesting and very good summer reading lists for all to check out and read this summer.  One of the interesting choices on the list is The Lord of the Flies, which many read in high school or is usually on high school reading lists.  This also leads to talk about how these novels are translated into movies, as most successful books are, but like some, they might not translate well as others.  This also brings up some famous film makers and actors, such as Mel Gibson and his work.  With many of these novels in mind, Mary and Father Matthew share how not only Catholics can read these, but others who believe in different things can enjoy these too, such as Atheists, continuing a bit from Father Anthony’s previous discussion.  This also raises some points about how some churches are either closing and/or being demolished.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Matthew Gamber, visit online at:

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