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Episode # 5151 – Kendra Von Esh On Prayer And Praying

Kendra Von Esh is back with us on the show and she is really thrilled and excited to be back.  Today, her focus is once again talking about the Holy Spirit and turning to not only the Holy Spirit, but to God and Jesus as well.  Mainly, she talks about prayer, as well as how we have guardian angels helping us.  But back to prayer, Kendra discusses how not only it’s important to do prayer as a physical thing, but also how prayer can help deepen our relationship with God and communicate with Him.  Kendra shares some personal experience of how she turned to prayer and the Holy Spirit, helping and giving her the joy and strength to get through things.  Through this, she points out how if it can help her and bring her closer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, it can for you loyal listeners.  She also talks about the various types and kinds of prayers, including meditative prayer.  For more on Kendra Von Esh, visit:  

Episode # 5150 - Father Koys Interviews Author Timothy Gordon

Due to Father Koys being away for business, this is a re-air from one of his most popular shows from Febrauary 27th and April 3rd.  Thank you and it has been edited for time.  

Father Koys is here loyal listeners, ready to wrinkle your brain even more today as he does every Wednesday.  Today, his focus this time is on the author he’s been talking about and quoting his books on the show a lot lately, Timothy Gordon, who he has on the phone as a guest.  Timothy Gordon and Father Koys talk about not only his works, but also how his books have provided great wisdom and influence to many readers and people.  One of the major topics in this discussion is one that Father Koys has brought up now and again on the show: Natural Law.  After talking to Timothy Gordon, Father Koys continues the discussion by looking further at Timothy Gordon’s works and sharing more on their impact and history. 

Episode # 5149 - Keeping The Faith With The Signs Of The Times

Due to Father Anthony being away this week, this is a re-air from June 18th.  Thank you.

Everyone is in good spirits today because it is Producer Nick’s Birthday and everyone is wishing him a Happy Birthday.  He and the Two Tony’s talk a little about it and discuss the Star Wars Saga and The Lord of the Rings, leading to the Two Tony’s to talk about  late night talk show host Stephen Colbert recently talking about the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and it’s author J.R.R Tolkien, with the Two Tony's explaining the many religious references in the trilogy.  Another thing, since Father Anthony was out yesterday getting birthday cards for Nick, he talks about how people behaved in the grocery store, which in turn relates to how people are today, with suffering, joy, good, bad, and light vs dark all around us, but remind us to keep our Faith up and “fight the good fight” Father Anthony says. 

Episode # 5148 – A Conversation With Congressman Dan Lipinski

It’s Monday with Mary FioRio and today she is very privileged and honored to be joined by Congressman Dan Lipinski on the show.  With Congressman Dan Lipinski, Mary first talks about the frustration on the rough traffic out in Chicago due to the heat and road construction going on.  However, on a very different note, Mary talks to Dan Lipinski on not only himself, being a Congressman and history about himself, including being a Cubs fan, but also they discuss Dan’s contributions and help to the Pro-Life Community  and being an active member in helping them out in many things.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Congressman Dan Lipinski, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Dan Lipinski:

Episode # 5147 – Grappling With The Reality Of Spiritual Combat

TGIF loyal listeners, as we come to another Friday in July this summer.  Today, the Two Tony’s discuss how the weeks seem to “fly” by and they pick up the discussion from yesterday, dealing with the topic of mysticism and what it is, as well as how it is associated with God.  This brings to mind the idea of not only loving God, but knowing Him.  This also once again brings to mind how things are different around us and how people need reassurance of their faith and/or reminded to keep their faith the more we keep moving away from God.  To further discuss this misplacement of faith and things the church faces, Father Anthony reads some pages from the book: Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within by Taylor R. Marshall, explaining many of the things that come up within the church and those that the church faces and deals with, as well as Father Anthony still talking about the Spiritual Battle we find ourselves in all the time.   

Episode # 5146 - The Two Tony’s On The Restlessness Of The Times

The Two Tony’s are back today and the latest development, is that St Stans had a visit from the Fire Department, to conduct a safety inspection around the church and everything is alright and good.  On a different note, the Two Tony’s focus this time, based on this visit, is how they and everyone feel comfortable with not only firemen, but police and priests around to provide a safe feeling.  Another area, is once again talking about the signs of the times and a need for and/or to reform ourselves in terms of our faith and faith in God.  This again, brings to mind the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony has talked about on many shows and on many occasions, due to the fact that we are all sinners, but need forgiveness for those sins and we deal with restlessness around us.  This brings about Father Anthony talking about how God and the world is good, but also how there are things that make life a challenge and today is the Feast Day of Saint Benedict, who may have a way to deal with all this.    


Episode # 5145 – Father Koys And Rachel Jurado On The Foundation Of America

Father Koys and Rachel Jurado are back, and yes Rachel is becoming a regular here on the show.  But today, these two have a sort of 4th of July show, which is talking about the foundation, creation and formation of America and more specifically, John Adams and the Declaration of Independence.  Father Koys and Rachel discuss many of the historical things and figures besides John Adams, and what they accomplished in the formation of America.  Another area explored by Father Koys and Rachel is looking at the religious areas and the letters between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.   For more information on Rachel Jurado, visit online at:

Episode # 5144 – Lots Going On And No Time To Organize

Following a funeral Father Anthony conducted before the show, Producer Nick and Tony start off the show.  They have been busy, busy, busy these last few weeks and working a lot, with Father Anthony coming on a little bit after the show starts and much going on, not just funerals, but the Saint Stans Healing Mass as well, with a good turnout.  This brings to mind how much is going on all around us and a need for energy to keep going and no time to organize or put things together, including our faith in God.  With the funeral he conducted this morning, Father Anthony talks about conducting that, as well as meeting the family and knowing the person who sadly passed away.  The Two Tony’s and Cristina (who arrives a bit after the first break) are reunited too on the show and they run they show wherever the spirit takes them today, which goes into looking at the signs of the times again and the difference between the generations.        

Episode # 5143 - A Look At Back In February

Due to scheduling complications and the 4th of July Holiday last week, this is a re-air of one of Mary FioRitos most popular shows from June 24th.  Please note, it has been edited for time.  Thank you.

Mary FioRito is back and this time she has a full house with her, for she is joined by Nancy Hyman and her daughter Alexa, who is the founder of Back In February, an online community that helps out women and their families who find themselves with unexpected pregnancies.  To help start this, Alexa shares her own personal story of dealing with becoming pregnant at an early age and how she dealt with all the emotions that come with that situation.  Nancy also shares her memories and feelings during that particular time with their family and her daughter.  With this unexpected pregnancy for Alexa, it has provided the foundation for the online community and creation of Back In February in order to help other women who are faced with this same situation and to provide them the knowledge that it isn’t bad and no need to be afraid.  If you want to read more on Alexa Hyman and her incredible story, as well as Back In February, visit:

Mary FioRito:

Alexa Hyman: and

Episode # 5142 – The Day After The 4th Of July 2019

TGIF everyone and summer is definitely in the air today in Chicago, and being the day after the 4th of July. as well.  From that celebration of our Nation, the Two Tony’s talk about other celebrations and masses that the church, in particular Saint Stanislaus Kostka does.  This in turn, allows them to bring up the topic again around good and evil again and specifically, the Mother Church.  Father Anthony also shares some very fascinating things he recently read about in books and articles about adoration and admiration.  This brings about how we can come together as a collective with adoration and admiration, as well as coming together to deal with the stressful things, and bring us closer to Jesus Christ.