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Episode # 3037 – A Need To Be A Praying People

TGIF loyal listeners and the gang is all here, Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony.  On this Friday, Father Anthony has much on his mind, but focuses on the recent State of the Union Address from President Trump.  Everyone discusses many things from this, including the idea of the family and the topic of abortion too, as well as the way things are in the world and the nation today.  Father Anthony also shares some of the statements the Bishops have said in terms of things going on with the church as well in the world too.  From this, Father Anthony tries to encourage everyone that we need to be a praying people and live in truth and allow God to help us and that we keep our faith in Him and His Word. 


Episode # 3036 – The Return Of Kevin Matthews

Mike Stark is back with us and joining him on the show is his good friend Chicago radio legend: Kevin Matthews. Kevin is promoting his book: Broken Mary: A Journey Of Hope which helps promote the Rosary.  Kevin is also receiving an award this Saturday night in Bolingbrook, IL and he is very excited to receive it on behalf of Mary.  Kevin shares all that happened leading him to write his book and the greatest inspiration, of finding the broken statue of Mary, allowing him to have one of many life changing moments he has had with his faith and belief in God and Mary.  Another aspect shared is how the statue has had a huge impact on many who need help with their brokenness in this world and that Mary has helped them. Kevin talks about his broadcasting career and knowing so many people and working in Chicago.  Kevin and Mike also talk about how radio has changed.  For more information on Mike Stark and Kevin Matthews and his book, Broken Mary: A Journey Of Hope visit online at:

Mike Stark: and  

Kevin Matthews:


Episode # 3035 - Father Koys On The Works Of Timothy Gordon

Due to technical problems, this is a delayed podcast from February 6th and a reair from January 9th.  Thank you and we apologize for any inconveniences.  

Father Koys is on the show once again and he is very excited today. In order to wrinkle everyone’s brain, Father Koys’s discussion focuses this time on continuing the examination of the works of author Timothy Gordon, who Father Koys has brought up many times on the show. From looking at these works, he examines the concepts of freedom and authority and how they aren’t enemies but how they are used in the formation of governments. However, Father Koys looks at a very serious topic within this discussion, one that faces the church all the time, the evil genius himself here, the number one enemy of the church itself: Satan.


Episode # 3034 - Interview With Rosa Maria Ordaz

Due to technical difficulties, this is a delayed podcast from February 5th.  We apologize for any inconveniences. 

On this Tuesday, the gang’s all here.  For Father Anthony is back with us today, along with Cristina and Tony and there is excitement in the air with being back after being away for his continued treatments for his cancer, but don’t fear because he is doing alright.  Father Anthony begins the show with discussing more on how we live in a time of toxicity, and abortion is brought up along with that.  The second main discussion on the show is with our special guest: Rosa Maria Ordaz, a journalist from Mexico and promoter for the recently released movie: Garabandal: Only God Knows.   With Cristina serving as a translator, Rosa Maria discusses how the movie was and is a huge success in Mexico and other areas and how she interviewed many who saw the film and said and felt that it rekindles the faith, love, and hope in the church and feels like a breath of fresh air in a world going through crisis.  For more information and if you’d like to see the film Garabandal: Only God Knows, visit:  


Episode # 3033 - Giants Of The Church Community

Due to Mary being away for family business and Father Anthony being away to take care of other business, this is a reair from September 10th, 2018 and one of most popular shows.  Thank you.

On this Monday, it’s a very special show, for in a rare occurrence, Father Anthony and Mary FioRito are both in the studio today.  On this special show, which has been attempted for a while, both of these “giants” within the Church Community discuss not only themselves and the work they’ve been doing, but their history and influence.  They also discuss the current church crisis, with both Father Anthony and Mary sharing their thoughts, concerns, opinions, and reactions to this particular issue.  Mary shares some recent articles and statements from the media concerning this issue and a “bombshell” of a reveal.  For more information, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:        


Episode # 3032 - How To Open Up To The Conversion Power Of God

Due to the historical extreme cold that hit Chicago the last two days and Father Anthony being away but returning okay and lots of business to take of, this is a reair from November 30th, 2018.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone again and the gang’s all here and the opening remarks this time are how everyone is feeling and feels around Christmas, since December will officially be here tomorrow/Saturday.  This includes and is not limited to: all the songs, family times, holiday traditions, and more.  From this, Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony all talk about the sensitivity people have these days toward sin.  Once again, Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday on how we are surrounded by all kinds of things, in particular technology and information everywhere.  From this, Father Anthony discusses how to open ourselves to the conversion of God’s love and power to help us.   


Episode # 3031 - A New Year But Changed Forever

Due to scheduling complications and the hazardous winter conditions predicted, this is a reair from January 3rd and will officially air on Thursday January 31st.  Thank you and from all of us at Winds of Change: stay warm and safe.

On the third day of 2019, Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony wish everyone a Happy New Year.  However, the show is a bit less than happy, due to first Father Anthony sharing the latest on the devastation brought by the hurricane that struck Florida last year, with so much all gone and how the state has changed forever.  Everyone discusses all the feelings resulting from a disaster like this, as well as the continuing struggle survivors have to deal with in the aftermath.  Father Anthony brings to mind some historical tragedies too, such as the Holocaust during World War II and various terrorist attacks, like 9/11, to relate to how one tragic event can change a lot.  With all that, Father Anthony shares that even though we are in a new year, “2019 will be a hard year” he says, in terms of all the crises, corruption, scandals, and other things that have appeared and how we, the world, and the Church are affected.  Everyone shares what they feel can help and hope to make things honest this new year, as well as to make things better, including turning to The Lord Himself.    


Episode # 3030 - Father Koys Beginning In 2019

Due to the extreme winter weather conditions predicted, this is a reair from January 2nd and will officially air on Wednesday January 30th.  Thank you.  From all of us at Winds of Change, stay warm and stay safe.

On this second day of 2019, Father Koys rings in the New Year with talking about time and more specifically time in Heaven.  This raises many things surrounding us, such as both fear and love for the Lord Jesus and God and thinking of how we view things related to Heaven.  To help, Father Koys also brings up how America has created certain false rights here on Earth, such as healthcare and eternal happiness/life.  This also raises the question(s) of time, such as the passage of time and the changes made in us through time and even, “is there time in Heaven?”  Another topic related to this discussion is eternity itself and other aspects of time.         



Episode # 3029 - Suffering In A Time That Should Be Joyful

Due to Father Anthony being away and due to the extremely hazardous winter conditions that are predicted for the rest of the week, this is a reair from December 18th, 2018 and will officially air tomorrow: January 29th.  Thank you and from all of us at Winds of Change, stay warm and safe. 

Father Anthony, Cristina, Tony, and Angelica, Tony’s wife, are here once again and even though it’s the Christmas season, it seems that there is a lot of suffering.  For one thing, Producer Nick had a friend whose son passed away last Saturday and the more recent of two police officers who were killed by a train in a pursuit of an offender.  It seems that the Evil One is at work Father Anthony suggests with all this suffering, at a time when things are supposed to be joyful in the world.  This brings the discussion for everyone to share on how Life itself can be joyful and good, but also how it can be hard and have suffering and tragedy.  But with all this suffering in mind, we are assured, that even though we suffer, we are not defeated and that there is still joy and good out there.  Related to this, Father Anthony shares an article on Bruce Springsteen.           



Episode # 3028 – More On The Covington Catholic High School Controversy

Mary FioRito is back after a busy few weeks with lots of things going on, and today she is joined by her guest: Bob Herguth, a Chicago Sun-Times reporter and a teacher of media ethics at Loyola University. Bob Herguth shares some of his history of becoming a reporter and working at many big newspapers and on the subject of how the media has changed in a way.  With that in mind, Mary and Bob discuss the topic of the Covington Catholic High School controversy that has gotten lots of various  reactions from the nation.  Both share their feelings on this as well as their ideas of what could’ve made this issue get so big.  For more information, visit online:

Mary FioRito: