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Episode # 5103 – Carrying Religious Faith Into The Military

Mike Stark is back on this Monday which is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima.  However, today, for the first 15 minutes, Producer Nick helps out due to Mike being in Chicago traffic, but Mike arrives okay and after the first break.  Today, the special guest on the show is Father James Hyde, whose focus (with Mike and Producer Nick) is talking about how our faith can carry into other fields.  In particular, Father Hyde focuses on the military area with this with how on teamwork and brotherhood.  To help, he talks about the world famous submarine which is at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the U-505.  He discusses its history and a book written about its capture by rear admiral Daniel V. Gallery, Twenty Million Tons Under the Sea The Daring Capture of the U-505.  Also, we have a surprise visit call from Kevin Matthews.  For more information visit:

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Episode # 5102 – The Two Tony’s Continue Discussing The Signs Of The Times

TGIF loyal listeners as we once again join the Two Tony’s.  Today, after having his nutritious drink, Father Anthony discusses many of the things going on, mostly stories within the news.  From these things featured in the news and media, it shows once again the stress and disorder we have in society and the world.  Such things include many tragic shootings around us at places of fun and schools, past and present tragedies.  One particular topic within this discussion raised again is the topic of transgender.  Another thing the Two Tony’s point out is how our faith is affected by things like this, as well as how different generations are exposed to these topics.  From all these things in society, Father Anthony shares how even though we are in a Spiritual Battle he talks about, he also points out how there is a Cultural Battle too.  The Two Tony’s also share how due to a lot of these things, a lot of people, especially the young, are dealing with anxiety and express an urge to come back to God.     

Episode # 5101 – The Two Tony’s On The Change In The Times

It’s Thursday with the Two Tony’s and they start off by discussing the 150th Jubilee Book recently made for Saint Stanislaus Kostka, in similar ways to how a High School Yearbook is.  Sharing many of the memories and pictures in the book, explaining many aspects of the parish.  However, they continue their discussion from Tuesday with discussing religion in the world and how there are many questions raised, not just in terms of our faith, but why a lot of people focus on themselves and with technology today, cell phones mainly, it leads to a lot of distractions and aids in the focus to oneself.  This in turn relates to how things are the way they are today and how people with all this may or may not at times lose their faith in God.  The Two Tony’s try to answer some of the questions that may rise up from this, reflecting the times we live in and face the reality of how the world is stressful, but the Two Tony’s remind us it’s joyful too.       


Episode # 5100 – Father Koys On The Combination Of Science And Religion

Flying solo again, Father Thomas Koys is with us once again for another hour of brain wrinkling.  His focus this time is talking about the truth and strive for the clarity toward the truth.  One thing that Father Koys continues on is looking more on the topic of the relationship between science and religion, which his Parish St James in Lemont, IL is having a seminar on this weekend.  Father Koys tries to explain how we can hold these two things together, using a marriage analogy to help understand this and also to show how like a marriage, they face good and bad things together.  Another tool Father Koys uses to examine this is turning to the works of Timothy Gordon again, especially his explanation of Thomas Aquinas Four Causes.     

Episode # 5099 – The Two Tony’s On Discipline

It’s Tuesday with the Two Tony’s once again loyal listeners and they are very excited for the show today.  The have much to discuss, for one topic is to talk about truth, since before they discussed how lies and lying is around us a lot.  This comes from talking about God Himself.  One major focus the Two Tony’s discuss is the concept/topic of discipline and our discipline for and in God which results in our habits and routines formed, but also how many break away from their routines and/or habits due to many being busy in life resulting in a loss of discipline.  This in turn, relates to turning away from our discipline in/with God.  From this, the Two Tony’s try to talk about how to bring back that discipline or who we answer to in terms of our discipline being either misplaced or lost, just like our faith.  Another topic open for discussion continues on faith and faith in God and our relationship with and to the church as a whole.    


Episode # 5098 – The Hope From The Broken Statue Of Mary

It’s Monday with Mike Stark and he is very excited to have again Father Joshua Caswell, the Assistant Pastor from the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius who was on recently and the two have a lot to discuss.  For one thing, Father Joshua talks his history and being Canadian, he shares some of his cultural background.  However, he and Mike mainly discuss Kevin Matthews and the Broken Statue of Mary he has, which also has been talked about on the show too and is coming to Chicago soon too.  Father Joshua and Mike point out how this statue has been such a significant symbol and icon to many and point out that Kevin Matthews recused the statue from a dumpster, which relates to the many that are broken and being rescued and healed.  For more information on Mike, Father Joshua Caswell, and Kevin Matthews and the statue of Broken Mary visit:   

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Episode # 5097 – The Two Tony’s On The Alter Call

TGIF with the Two Tony’s everyone on this beautiful Friday, since the entire week it’s been raining around in Illinois and Chicago.  Father Anthony says he’s been indoors a lot, but the feeling of going outside or coming outside is calling him.  The Two Tony's have lots of things to discuss and talk about today, for Father Anthony feels “bound to the sanctuary” with lot’s going on this day and weekend and reminds Tony and everyone to pray the Rosary this month as well.  On a different note, the Two Tony’s focus this time on what Father Anthony says is the Alter Call, which is our sacrifice we do and which in turn leads to renewal, which is in the spirit of the Easter Season.   The Two Tony’s also discuss some of the international situations going on in the world too.          

Episode # 5096 – The Two Tony’s Dealing With The Chaos Of The Times

It’s Thursday with the Two Tony’s and Tony starts off with how it’s his kind of day, gray and rainy, but finds himself thinking about all kinds of things and trying to keep an open mind on things.  This relates to where he and Father Anthony go on the show.  They decide to focus on a little bit of everything that is around us and relates to the idea of light vs dark when dealing with these chaotic times we are in.  From this, Father Anthony shares again on life and the realism we face every day, while at the same time dealing with the Spiritual Battle he’s talked about before.  Included in this discussion, the Two Tony’s talk about the different fears everyone has or had at different times and generations of the world, which contribute to our concern, worry and anxiety, but also reminds us about the good things in life as well.  Another area the Two Tony’s discuss is how lying is going on around us and that obviously it’s wrong, but how lies are everywhere and getting worse it seems.            


Episode # 5095 – Father Koys Looking At Catholic Principles In Americas Foundation

It’s Wednesday and Father Koys is here.  He’s excited to wrinkle your brain again loyal listeners.  Today, he continues examining the works of Catholic Author Timothy Gordon and looking at some Catholic Nuggets Father Koys says.  Diving in, he focuses this time by looking at government with Timothy Gordon’s book: Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome in mind again and looking mostly at Natural Law as a fundamental catholic principle.  Another topic for discussion is to take a look at James Madison and a schizophrenic character in the founding of America and the destruction of catholic principles and looks back a Holy Forgetfulness and Unholy Forgetfulness.       

Episode # 5094 – Discussing Easter 2019

The Two Tony’s are back this week and they have lots to discuss.  For one thing, they talk about Easter and Easter Week and how successful many of the masses were.  They also talk about how much happens on Easter and during the Easter Week.  The Two Tony’s also point out how Sunday was supposed to or is supposed to be a day of rest, but nowadays, Sunday has many people are working and businesses and restaurants are open, showing a difference in the times.  This raises Father Anthony to talk about loss and what we’ve lost in terms of faith at times and how the importance of renewal in Easter is and how helpful it is for ourselves and our souls.  Father Anthony also shares some of the readings from the masses this past Easter Week.  The Two Tony’s also discuss more on the importance of Easter.