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Episode # 1703 – TGIF And The Struggles And Redemption

TGIF everyone and the gang’s all here and Father Anthony is really excited, and pleas how he wanted to be on the air yesterday, but has and had so much to do and meet deadlines and get things done such as the newsletter for Father’s Day and how this weekend he has much going on and had many confessions yesterday too.  He shares how he doesn’t have all the answers, but our main thing is to keep going.  He also points out that even though we go through the battles and struggles, we also need to have fun, but Father Anthony also points out that he has many coming to him with their struggles and problems and so much he hears about.  With Father’s Day in mind, Father Antony reminds us to think of all Fathers, not just our own and Priests, but God Himself too.  With all this in mind, sin and evil, Father Anthony points out how even though we go through this, God and the Holy Trinity is with us and forgives us and redeems us, but also the mystery behind them is around us.  He also talks about the sins we face in life and how we can be faced with these, as well as bringing up the Devil.  Father Anthony and the group finish off the show with talking about terrorist attacks going on all over the world, as well as Churches collapsing and those killed, as well as talking about an article that talks about meeting dangerous men and women.        


Episode # 1702 - Father Anthony On Being Interviewed

Due to Father Anthony not feeling well, this is a rebroadcast from May 4th, 2017.  Thank you.

Father Anthony and group are back live on the show today and are very happy to be here again.  For one thing, Father Anthony talks about his latest “stardom” being interviewed still after the 150 Anniversary Celebration going on and the second good thing is that Christina is back from her trip to Mexico for a wedding she and her family attended last week, with her talking about all the fun and excitement that happened as well as the beautiful weather and scenery around there.  However the show takes a bit of a grim turn with talking about some very serious subject matter after Christina brings up some of her family history.  Father Anthony also talks about being interviewed by WGN this morning too on a more interesting and fun subject for a new show/program that is starting up and feature Saint Stanislaus Kostka as subject matter and since the Jubilee Year too.  With all this in mind, everyone brings their opinions to the show today.  This raises more on the people around, not just around St Stans, but all around us and how things are today. This comes to mind that Father Anthony feels that many have lost their faith, not just in a sense of “feeling” but in terms of statistics and signs of the times too.     


Episode # 1701 – Discussing Other Religions

Today is Wednesday and we are joined again by Father Thomas Koys and Tony, so the boys are back in town and today Father Koys is looking forward to “wrinkling brains” now and he offers looking into talking about if your Faith is on the edge or isn’t working.  Also, he focues on if we are worthy of God’s mercy, love, and help.  He allows for a Litmey of Humility here.  He and Tony also bring to mind going into looking at the past in the 1500s too.  Father Koys’s main point today is talking about other religions in terms of not only how the practice their religion, but also the differences with them.  This also brings to mind things that have been discussed in the past.  He also has more on Denis Prager to discuss as well with things and recent discussions he’s had in the media.      



Episode # 1700 – Review Of Manchester By The Sea

After Producer Nick helps out with a few things, the gang’s all here and Father Anthony opens the show with how so many people are suffering through seasonal allergies this summer, and yes summer is here due to beautiful weather.  However, with allergies on the brain, Father Anthony talks about his recent dealings or feelings with seasonal allergies this year.  Father Anthony also shares with everyone his recent viewing of the movie Manchester By The Sea, talking about how it’s a very intense movie and dramatic too, talking about the film and how it affected him, so just a heads up if you haven’t seen the movie: SPOILER ALERT!  This relates to the feeling of defeat, being beaten (not in a physical sense), and/or loss due to how the movie deals with some feelings of defeat, which relates to us in real life.  He asks everyone on their feelings on the movie too.  However, Father Anthony brings up the tragic terror attacks that happened again in London over the weekend, relating the two things in terms of how and what society is like and what the world is like.  Also, with the talk of movies, it relates to how movies are different that years ago and how the experience is different, Gerri in mind shares on that.  This also raises up the notion that the violence is rising up more than usual, not just around the world, but here in some Chicago areas too.           


Episode # 1699 - Monday In May With Mary And Melanie

Reairing by popular demand and due to schdueling complications, this is a rebroadcast from last Monday May 8th and May 15th, 2017.  Thank you. 

Mary FioRito is back with us and has a wonderful guest on today, Dr. Melanie Barrett and she is a part of the Chairperson and Assistant Professor in the Department of Moral Theology at the University Of Saint Mary Of The Lake in Mundelein, IL.  With a very impressive career with and behind her, Dr. Melanie Barrett shares a lot on that, not only her academic career, but also her history and childhood which led her to where she is now.  She shares many of her personal experiences from her family which led her to the practices she is involved with.  Mary provides many interesting questions for her, sharing her, as Mary says, “a Faith Journey” in terms of Melanie sharing with everyone how she grew up in a non-Catholic Faith but led up to her finding it and becoming a part of Catholic Faith.  With this “Faith Journey” Melanie shares how she moved toward this in college, as well as going through various things and experiences, some great, some not so great, but all equally important in Melanie’s history.  Melanie also shares on what she has been and currently teaching and working on as well.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Dr. Melanie Barrett, visit online at:

  Mary FioRito:

Dr. Melanie Barrett: and


Episode # 1698 – The First Friday In June 2017

Geoff Hammond is once again here and that means it’s the First Friday of the month, this month being June and he is here to talk again about the Adoration and Admiration for God and to God and how He is here for us in our times of need and help and love.  Today, Geoff has much to discuss and offer prayer for all to hear.  He also shares some of the wisdom Saint John Paul II, allowing all to be familiar with things from the past and into the present time. With these sayings from the past, it relates to the month of June too, as well as being able to be said and prayed on a daily basis too.  Geoff also has prayers today that offer seeking the Mercy of God and Jesus on us.  Once again, Geoff also says and offers the Daily Examination to God and Jesus with daily prayer on this. 


Episode # 1697 - A Lighthearted Thursday

Due to Father Anthony not feeling well and schduling complications, this is a rebroadcast from May 11th, 2017.  Thank you.

TGIAF again on this Thursday and Father Anthony is with us along with Tony and Christina today and once again in the Spiritual Battle.  In particular, Father Anthony and Tony talk about some impressive sights seen the Processions going on, which will be going on this weekend too.  With the Saint Stanislaus Kostka School Open House going on today, Father Anthony brings to mind the changes in society.  This also continues the discussion from Tuesday with how things have changed and as everyone talked about, turned the world we live in upside down, as well as continuing who we are and what we are in terms of the service to the Church and to God, as well as taking us out of and bringing us back to our comfort zones and deepening our Faith in God.  After the first break, because Producer Nick checked in on everyone and made sure everything and everyone is okay, Father Anthony goes on how everyone is tired and a nonstop day and week, but have to keep going.  Father Anthony also continues on being interviewed by many due to the Jubilee year, as well as filming going on around, including when he went to Rome recently too, as well as bringing up other things going on around everyone



Episode # 1696 – Virtues Of Freedom And Liberty

It’s Wednesday and that means Father Thomas Koys is with us and once again has much to discuss today, including the 9 Year Anniversary of the Unveiling of the Monstrance of St. Stanislaus Kostka and shares some of the special feeling on that.  Once again, Father Koys focuses however on his some of his favorite heroes, past and present.  He also shares some of what is going on in the news today and the past few weeks, especially President Trump recent dealings with Russia, which has led many to think Russia helped out Trump during the election.  He also provides some clips allowing to talk about this, including a recent speech from Larry Schweikart, co-author of A Patriot’s History of the United States with Michael Allen and talks about the formation of the United States, as well as related things that as Father Koys says are “half-truths” here and the main focus is Religious Tolerance.        


Episode # 1695 - The Uprising

Due to Father Antony not feeling well and scheduling complcations and being a popular show and discussion, this is a rebroadcast from last Tuesday, May 16th, 2017.  Thank you.

The Uprising is upon us, as Father Anthony passionately speaks and starts off the show today.  After hearing all the craziness in the news this morning, Father Anthony picks up a little on what he previously talked about the last few shows and leading us to the “Twilight Zone” in terms of where the times are.  Gerri unfortunately has to leave the show early but for personal reasons, but she is okay though.  The discussion continues on how things have changed around us all in terms of society and people, as well as communication.  The Uprising Father Anthony speaks of here, is in terms of Conversion, as well as “rising up” against Evil and all the bad things we may or may not encounter, being “soldiers for Christ” as Father Anthony says, ready for the battle and fight the good fight.  With this in mind, Father Anthony brings up the battle with Good vs Evil and how that from watching the news, he points out that God, even though Father Anthony knows He exists and is present, but is around us and He is here with us and exists, due to evil existing. With the Uprising upon us, Father Anthony gets some breaking news surrounding the Procession he talked about on previous shows, as well as what is going on around us, past and present and possible future.  Father Anthony once again reminds us to pray the rosary too in this battle he talks about, as well as reminding us God is with us and He helps us and guides us.  This also brings to mind the spark or idea of revolution, in terms of Good vs Evil, allowing Father Anthony and group to raise many things surrounding this. 


Episode # 1694 - - The Threat To Our Civilization

Due to the Memorial Day Holiday and by special request, this is a rebroadcast from May 26th, 2017 and will officially air on May 29th.  Thank you and Happy Memorial Day everyone.

TGIF and Father Anthony is once again happy to be here on this beautiful day and the gang’s all here too and everyone is excited.  For one thing, Father Anthony points out how much is going on, not just work but the kids at the school are getting ready for promotion, the 8th graders mostly and how time flies too, with May already ending and Memorial Day is this weekend too.  However, Father Anthony, as he promised yesterday, turns the discussion from good to serious, discussing with everyone on the terrorist attacks in Manchester, England which in turn relates to the discussion yesterday, on the signs of the times today. This brings to mind talking about the government and politics and the World itself, with this tragedy in mind, as well as others that have happened in the past.  With these attacks in mind, Father Anthony once again points out the threat to civilization.  This brings to mind how we “worship” people other than God, or rather than God, such as celebrates, musicians, sports athletes and others.  Even though these are good things to watch and see and can be and are recreational, but shows how people seem to “worship” them in terms of following them and taking up their kind of lifestyle you could say.  This also brings to mind the recent teen suicide that occurred in Naperville, IL, and also how kids are exposed to too much of this and these tragedies.