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Episode # 2000 – Father Koys And Saint Ignatius Of Loyola

In another change of pace, due to Father Anthony being away, Father Koys is here with us on this Tuesday.  Like on Wednesday’s, Father Koys is very happy to be here and today has more to discuss.  For one thing, he continues discussing the idea of our crisis of identity that we have or that may be around us.  To help on this, Father Koys looks at 1767 in history on this and to talk about St Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits, since today is The Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  He also talks about how we may have trouble at times with people, as well as our own identities, relating to the Jesuits in history.         


Episode # 1999 – Interview With Father James McIlhone

Mike Stark is back with us today on the show and today he has a very good friend of his on the show with him, Father James McIlhone from the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Father James is a very knowledgeable man and good friend of Mikes, who just retired from 44 years of service in the Archdioceses.  Father James shares his history of becoming a priest and the work he did while in service as a priest and talks about an upcoming Pilgrimage in 2019.  Father James also shares how he spent time with, worked with, and knew Cardinal George. For more information on Father James, visit online:

Mike Stark: and

Father James McIlhone: and


Episode # 1998 - The Feast Day Of Saint Peter And Saint Paul

Due to Father Anhtony being away, this is a reair from June 29th.  Thank you.

TGIF and everyone is here, including Producer Nicks parents visiting the show, and due to his mom being a teacher, Father Anthony feels a bit on edge, LOL.  However the 4th of July is just around the corner, being on Wednesday next week and people are already traveling and planning.  Father Anthony brings up how the feeling of loneliness and disconnection is going on, possibly due to technology and the news.  Tony and Christina share their opinions with him.  Today is also the Feast Day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and everyone discusses that further too, bringing up the hatred to God and the rejection of faith.         


Episode # 1997 - More On The Law And Order Of God

Due to Father Anthony being away, this is a reair from June 28th.  Thank you.

TGIAF since its Thursday and Father Anthony and Christina join us today.  On the show, Father Anthony picks up the discussion from Tuesday, but looks at a few more things, some deeper than on Tuesday.  He talks about our faith in God and how things around us may bring us down, but that He is there for us and loves us.  He and Christina also talk about God also being a god of law and order too and obeying His Ten Commandments.  This brings to mind other things around us, including talking about courage and a decline in courage.  Another topic, is all that is going on in society around us and how it affects us.  


Episode # 1996 – Father Koys And The Feast Day Of St. James

Father Koys is back with us and he has many, many things to discuss today on the show.  For one thing, he wants to discuss with everyone The Feast Day of Saint James, which is the Feast Day today too.  He wants to make some ties and connections with the modern world and Saint James.  Along these lines, Father Koys also talks about living in the modern age we live in and how it affects our faith and our lives, using a few historical references.  On a different subject, Father Koys warns about how our modern spirituality in places/churches is fearful of negativity and a spiritual immaturity exists today.       



Episode # 1995 - Dealing With The Challenging Times Of Today

Due to Father Anthony being away, this is a rebroadcast from June 26th.  Thank you.

The gang’s all here on this Tuesday, reunited with Tony back from vacation.  Everyone is happy to have Tony back and he talks about his trip to California.  With that in mind, Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony share many memories about traveling and trips.  This raises up on what Father Anthony has talked about before on the show, as well as in previous masses he’s held, in terms of how things are today and our faith in God helping us with evil and sickness around and affecting us in these challenging times. This also brings up going with and against God’s law.   


Episode # 1994 – Interview With Jerry George From Shalom World Television

Mike Stark joins us again on this Monday and he is very excited because he is joined by Executive Producer Jerry George from Shalom World Television and has helped Mike on his documentary on Cardinal George, which will air on Shalom World.  Mike and Jerry discuss not only the documentary, but about themselves and the work that they have done.  Jerry shares some of the history behind Shalom World Television, its creation and formation, as well as the work they’ve done, including a magazine they publish.  After finishing the documentary on Cardinal George, Jerry shares what the future holds for Shalom World Television.  For more information on Mike Stark and Jerry George and Shalom World Television, visit:  

Mike Stark: and

Jerry George:



Episode # 1993 – What Do We Make Of The World

TGIF everyone and everyone feels that it’s really needed, after a busy week with so much work and as Father Anthony asks; “What do we make of the world?”  To answer that question, Father Anthony shares how a woman pulled him aside yesterday and asked him that same question, relating to all the anger, hate, rage, and negative things that cause issues with people.  Tony and Christina share what they think is causing all this as well, continuing where they were on the show yesterday.  Father Anthony also shares some Gospel Readings to help answer the question: “What is happening in the World?”


Episode # 1992 – Living In A Very Sensitive Time

TGIAF everyone, since its Thursday and Father Anthony is here with Christina and Tony once again.  Today, the trio discuss for our loyal listeners, especially those in other countries, their sins and express their apologies for things and seeking forgiveness.  With sin in mind, the topic and place of Hell is expressed, as well as what is considered kind and kindness.  This brings to mind trying to live in a time of being more courteous and sensitive to what we say.  On the other hand, it brings up what kind of a time we live in, that many are very sensitive to things and what is all around us, such as sex and violence and everyone’s reaction to it.   


Episode # 1991 – Father Koys Interviews Mary FioRito

In a change of pace on the show today, Father Koys is with us as usual, but for a few minutes he has on his phone, Mary FioRito, who usually hosts the show Mondays but is traveling this month.  Both Father Koys and Mary discuss her traveling Washington D.C. with her family and seeing all the sights there.  Mary shares some of her on going work within the Pro-Life Community as well.  Both also discuss how things are different with the generations of today vs the ones from yesteryear, including the intellectual areas.  After talking to Mary, Father Koys looks further at political topics that are around us today and says we’re in an Identity War. 

Mary FioRito: