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Episode # 1873 – The First Friday Of February 2018

TGIF everyone and today, after being away for some time, Geoff Hammond, Section Representative of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, for the Archdiocese of Chicago returns.  As usual for the First Friday of everyone month, he shares the First Friday Devotion offering prayers, history, and traditions surrounding this and the Adoration and Admiration to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, as well as Mary and others.  He also shares some of the history surrounding this particular First Friday February 2, 2018.  He reminds us that February is the month dedicated the Holy Family of Nazareth and reminds to make preparations for the Season of Lent.  


Episode # 1872 - Distractions And Deviations

Due to a scheudling conflict, Bishop Joseph Perry will not be hosting today's show as originally promoted.  We apologize for any inconvinces and due to that, this is a reair from January 4th, 2018.  Thank you.

With four days into the New Year, the gang is all here today, and on the show, Father Anthony prepares himself and offers everyone to pray for him, since next week he will be in surgery and thanks everyone for their prayers.  From this, Father Anthony continues his discussion from the last few shows on how things are different now and changed in the world.  He discusses how people and kids have so many things and technology, making the world different and having so many distractions these days, cell phones in particular.  This also brings to mind our relationship with God and our faith.       


Episode # 1871 – Opinions On Super Blue Blood Moon And The State Of The Union Address 2018

On this Wednesday, as usual, Father Koys is here with us to do some more “brain wrinkling” as he often does every Wednesday.  At the start of the show, his attention is on the Feast Day of Saint John Bosco with a certain moon that everyone will see tonight, a Super Full Blue, Blood Moon tonight, January 31, 2018.  In a different direction, Father Koys expresses a few words on President Trump, particularly on his State Of The Union Address which was made last night.            


Episode # 1870 - Welcome To 2018

Due to Father Anthony still recovering, but recovering and doing well and will be back on the show soon, this is a reair from January 2nd.  Thank you.

The New Year has arrived and on this show during the first week of 2018, Father Anthony is with us, along with Christina and Tony.  On this second day of the New Year, the main focus is picking up the discussion from last year you could say, from the last show with talking about the things that are on Father Anthony’s mind.  One of these things is how many people don’t go to Mass anymore, leading once again how times have changed and generations are different.  Another is since it’s the New Year, the topic of resolutions is brought up, allowing Tony and Christina to voice their opinions.     


Episode # 1869 – The New Planned Parenthood In Flossmoor

It’s Monday and Mary FioRito is back with us.  On the show, Mary talks about the new Planned Parenthood facility that is opening up in Flossmoor, IL and she is joined by Kristen Cortes, longtime resident of Flossmoor and from the Southland Coalition for Life.   Mary and Kristen discuss the new Planned Parenthood facility and its effect on the community of Flossmoor, as well as other communities and the local Pro Life response to this, including all the help the Southland Coalition for Life is offering.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Kristen Cortes, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:


Episode # 1868 - The Catechesis

Due to Father Anhtony recovering and recovering well from his surgery, this is a reair from January 5th and one of most popular shows too.  Thank you.

On the First Friday of January, Father Anthony is once again with us and so is Christina and Tony, sharing how the Christmas Season is coming to an end soon. So, with that in mind, Father Anthony finally talks about a topic he’s been trying to all week: the Catechesis itself, the actual Twelve Days of Christmas and their meanings, including for the Christmas carol of the same name.  For the discussion, Father Anthony has for Christina, Tony and our listeners, a little quiz allowing them and everyone else to try to figure out what those meanings are and stand for.   


Episode # 1867 - Gods Gifts For A Greater Glory

Father Anthony is still recovering well and doing great.  Due to him recovering, this is a reair from December 28th, 2017.  Thank you.

“We’re in the Twelve Days of Christmas” Father Anthony says and he reminds everyone to keep their trees up for the next twelve days.  Mainly today, Father Anthony talks about himself, being an author and the writings he’s done, especially his main book A Mothers Plea and the influence that his writings have had.  He also talks about the faults and gifts he has and their influences.  This leads to discussing the gifts that many have, allowing them to be gifts from God and lead to a greater glory, which turns to talking about the Feast Day of the Holy Innocence today and Christmas, in particular A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Episode # 1866 – A Critical Look At Evangelization Efforts Today

Father Koys is back here on this Wednesday and he is always ready for more “brain wrinkling.”  Today, his attention is on how those who are trying to get the young people back to the church are “missing the elephant in the room.”  He points to the idea of “a sacrificial love” that people struggle to see, especially how marriage and lifestyles associated with human sexuality constitute the elephant in the room that modern Evangelical Efforts are missing.  Father Koys uses a parody on a second century survey provided by an anonymous source.     


Episode # 1865 - More On The Dark Side Of Technology

A Father Anthony update, he's still in Minnissota and recouperating very well and doing very well too and thanks everyone fro their thoughts and prayers.  Due to him still recovering, this is a reair from Novembe 14th, 2017.  Thank you.

Father Anthony and Tony are back with us and they are very excited.  To start off, Father Anthony acknowledges Producer Nick right away, as he points out how he is in the studio, not to mention his hat change from his pumpkin hat to his favorite brown hat that reminds many of the Indiana Jones hat.  This allows Father Anthony to talk more about on who we are and where we are in the world.  He also points out how too much information is out there, with so many people on cell phones and access to lots of things on the internet and the media, all in terms of going to a dark side of technology with there being too much of it.              


Episode # 1864 – Interview With Clarke D. Forsythe

Mary FioRito is back with us on this very historically sad day, January 22nd and that is because it’s the 45th Anniversary when the United States Supreme Court handed down two abortion cases that affected many in the Pro-Life community.  Today, she is joined by Attorney for the Americans United for Life and author of the book: Abuse of Discretion The Inside Story of Roe. V. Wade, Clarke D. Forsythe.  With his help, Mary asks and attempts to answer the question regarding the decisions made by the various judges in the United States Supreme Court on this day, “How did this happen?”  Clarke D. Forsythe shares some of the facts and history from his book on this subject.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Clarke D. Forsythe and his book visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Clarke D. Forsythe: