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Episode # 718 - An Interview With Doctor Ashraf Ramelah From The Voice Of The Copts

August 21, 2013

Father Loya is back again after being away for a time and along with Tony in studio, (Guys Day as they say) and joined by special guest:Doctor Ashraf Ramelah from the Voice Of The Copts and talks about the destruction, devastation, damage, looting, and hurt going on with the crisis in Egypt.  Doctor Ramelah shares with us the mission of his organization, as well as what they have been and will be doing to help those in need in Egypt, visit for more.  History of his organization, as well as the history of Christians and Muslims in Egypt is also shared with listeners.  Doctor Ramelah continues to talk about the history of Muslims and Christians after the first break and it's relation to what is and has been going on in Present Day Egypt.  On a final note of the interview, Doctor Ramelah gives us Americans a message on the situation in Egypt and that is if you compare the Koran to the English version, the English translation doesn't reveal to us the original Arabic.  After the second break and interview with Doctor Ashraf Remelah, Fahter Loya and Tony converse on everything discussed and Father Loya shares a story for listeners on the topic shared today and Father Loya mentions how our culture has become something of a tabloid in terms of news mostly on celebrities and "gossip columns" as Father Loya states, in relation to the Egypt crisis and news on those related.  Final discussion in the show deals with more on Egypt and what President Obama has talked about this.