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Episode # 6997 - A Conversation With Matt Rosenberg

May 27, 2022

Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, this is a re-air from way back on November 8th, 2021.  One of our most popular shows.  It will officially air on WNDZ this Memorial Day, May 30th, 2022.  Enjoy and have a safe Memorial Day and remember all those who have served and still service our country.  Thank you.

Today's Monday with Mary and Lauretta features a very special guest: author Matt Rosenberg. The son of the late radio show (Extension 720) host Milt Rosenberg, Matt joins Mary and Lauretta to discuss his new book, "What's Next Chicago? Notes of a Pissed-Off Native Son." In a straightforward, honest style reminiscent of his father's approach to tackling sensitive issues, Matt lays out his case for the failure of the city's institutions to care for and empower its citizens and the resulting disintegration of the city's fabric, increased crime, and falling population as residents flee for safer and better-run cities.  For more information, please visit:

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