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Episode # 5725 - The Feast Day Of The Triumph Of The Cross

September 28, 2021

Due to Father Anthony being in Rochester, this is a re-air from September 14th.  Thank you.

Feeling kind of blah, (not sick) in terms of where to go with the show, the Two Tony’s open with prayer, and how today is an important Feast Day, the Feast Day of the Triumph of the Cross.  With such an important Feast Day for this year, the Two Tony’s discuss much of the history behind this particular day and also its importance to not only the Church, but to the entire world.  Also, with the Chaplet Prayer in mind, Father Anthony points out that it’s our way to express gratitude toward the Father and for His help and our continued faith in Him.  Another serious question Father Anthony expresses, not only to Tony but to all of you, is: “Where are we?” in terms of here 20 years later after the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks.