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Episode # 5718 – Going Through The Purge, But Remain Vigilante And Let God Guide Us

September 17, 2021

They can finally say it today, TGIF everyone.  The Two Tony’s are here and Father Anthony is excited for all the masses held over the weekend and is ready to get all those important ones done and invites all to attend.  Tony however, feels that he wants to be happy and he is, but he doesn’t feel upbeat today.  So…Father Anthony tries to help him enjoy the day, as he does for all our loyal listeners.  From this discussion and prayer, it leads to discuss the beauty of the Rosary and the silence that we can embrace for a time in order to feel God’s presence and that He will help us.  Father Anthony also shares some of the readings as well with going through a purge, but to remain vigilante and keep the faith and faith in God, as well as allowing Him to guide us.  With Tony feeling out of it a little, this relates to the Spiritual Battle we find ourselves in.