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Episode # 5665 - The Rise Of Crime, Violence, And Shootings

July 6, 2021

Due to Father Anthony leaving for Rochester this afternoon and with lots of work to be done, this is a re-air from June 22nd and one of our most popular shows.  Thank you.

The Two Tony’s return today and as Tony is on his way, Father Anthony begins with talking about the upcoming readings for this weekend and something one of the students at Saint Stanislaus Kostka School pointed out.  Once Tony arrives, he discusses how recently his sister-in-law got carjacked and describes the incident.  The discussion takes a grim turn with talking about the rise in crime, violence, and shootings happening in Chicago and the mayor stating to bring in the National Guard.  From this, the Two Tony’s say (related to Father’s Day last week) how we need to return to law and order here and to reclaim our faith in God because with all this, it leads to Godlessness and Fatherlessness.