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Episode # 5664 - Examining Catholic Politicians, Abortions, And The Eucharist

July 2, 2021

Due to the 4th of July Holiday this past weekend, this is a re-air from last Monday, one of Mary and Lauretta's most popular shows and it has another break added and it has been edited for time at the end.  It will officially air the day after the 4th of July on Monday July 5th.

Thank you and from all of us at Winds of Change, Happy 4th of July everyone.

Mary and Lauretta return loyal listeners and today they are very excited for the show today.  Their guest is a former guest on the show, former Congressman Dan Lipinski who’s lined up for many radio interviews today due to his latest article in First Things has gone viral…entitled: Catholic Politicians, Abortions, and the Eucharist.  Dan talks about what the article is about as well as his opinions and thoughts on what is being discussed.  He also shares the current battles that Congress is dealing with in terms of these particular issues.  For more information and to view Dan Lipinski’s article visit:

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