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Episode # 5535 - Father Koys On Saint Juan Diego

January 6, 2021

Due to Father Koys being away, this is a re-air of one of his most popular shows from December 9th, 2020.  It has been edited for time at the end.  Thank you.

Father Koys is back to wrinkle our brains once again and he’s very excited today.  His focus on the show concerns Our Lady of Guadalupe and Novena, and how we need help, especially this year with so much death, destruction, devastation, and depression.  With the Novena in mind and being the time of year for it, Father Koys shares the history and stories surrounding a particular Saint during this time of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Saint Juan Diego.  Along the lines of Saint Juan Diego, Father Koys once again turns toward the works of G.K. Chesterton and his book: Catholics And Converts.