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Episode # 5532 -The Two Tony’s On The Second Day Of The Novena

December 31, 2020

Due to it being New Year's, this is a re-air from December 4th and will officially air on New Year's Day, January 1st 2021.  Again, from all of us to all at Winds of Change, Happy New Year and may it be a happy, safe, and healthy New Year.  Thank you.

TGIF with the Two Tony’s, for Tony is back and they can’t believe that we’re in December and the Second Day of the Novena and first off, Father Anthony is happy Tony is back, and how yesterday he did the show himself and very good.  After the prayer, still addressing that it’s needed these days, the Two Tony’s focus on the Second Day of the Novena and how the 12th of December is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe and this year it’s different and how that difference is affecting people who want to celebrate this joyous day.  This brings to mind the recent effects of the Pandemic around the world and all the new rules and orders to follow.  Reflecting on the Second Day of Novena, Father Anthony shares how Mary is the Model for Prayer and very important.