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Episode # 5529 - Barrington Bunny And The 4 Masses Of Christmas

December 29, 2020

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester, but he is doing well and okay, this is a re-air from way back in 2014, with the Barrington Bunny Story, because Father Anthony didn't get to tell it this year.  It has been edited for time at the end and from December 22nd, 2014 to be exact.  Thank you.

"Here we are" Father Anthony says today, with Christmas this week and lot's to still do for everyone and everywhere, as you last minute shoppers and people are doing these next two days.  Also much to celebrate, not just Christmas, but the 12 Days of Christmas after Christmas, as well as Feast Days and many things coming up, including the New Year 2015 and with a little hope and optimism, things will get done.  Father Anthony also talks about us being "chosen" or those who feel they are "superior" to others as one of the topics today.  This in mind leading to breaking into the history of Christmas here a bit too.  After the first break, Father Anthony talks about the 4 Masses of Christmas, which begin Christmas Eve and also Father Anthony tells the story of Barrington Bunny for all to hear again this time of year.  With this story in mind, Father Anthony talks about how we can relate to this cute and brave bunny rabbit in our lives.  After the final break, Father Anthony officially discusses with everyone the 4 Masses of Christmas, and has a feeling of encouragement from Barrington Bunny, however he only get's in two due to the Barrington Bunny story and time.