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Episode # 5499 - The Two Tony’s On The Miracle Of The Sun

November 17, 2020

Due to Father Anthony being in Rochester this week and he's feeling alright and okay, this is a re-air from October 27th and 13th.  It has been edited in spots for not only time, but for content.  Thank you.

Tuesday with the Two Tony’s again loyal listeners and again, it feels like they have been gone a long time.  Today, they discuss not only how Halloween is approaching, as indicated by Producer Nick’s traditional pumpkin hat, but how Autumn is in the air and the leaves are turning and wind is picking up, even though the weather outside has been warm on some days.  However, after talking about a two birds attacking each other, this brings to mind talking about the recent Pet Blessing Father Anthony held, with many fun and cute pets and a good turnout.  After the prayer for the world and the upcoming election, on this day in 1917, there was a Miracle of the Sun and Father Anthony talks about that and how visiting is the skull cap of Pope John Paul the Second and how a lot of people are getting really stressed and tired of all the news going on with Covid-19.  Once again, this brings to mind our relationship with God and our faith toward Him, in how if we lose our faith, many things such as the nation, family, and other factors in life, may collapse, which in turn once again expresses the need to pray the Rosary.