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Episode # 5495 - Father Koys On The Greatest Difficulties In Life

November 11, 2020

Due to Father Koys conducting a funeral, this is a re-air from October 14th and one of his most popular shows.  Thank you and stay healthy and safe.

Father Koys is back with us loyal listeners and his topic of discussion today is on one of the greatest difficulties in someone’s life: not following some of the Catholic guidelines for someone.  Mainly, this discussion is on the idea of marriage, family, and sexuality and how it relates to love, beliefs, and Catholicism’s view of these and how if someone has difficulty with these, the sense of tradition may be affected and the idea of Purgatory comes up here.  With looking at these, Father Koys looks back into history, December 12th, 1863 to be specific, and Robert E. Lee’s speech on the cause.