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Episode # 5486 - The Two Tony’s On The Statistics Of The Archdiocese

October 29, 2020

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester and doing well and okay, this is a re-air from October 1st and it has been edited at the end for time.  Thank you.

Flying solo at the start of the show, Father Anthony joins us loyal listeners and Tony arrives after the start of the show.  The Two Tony’s discuss how it has been a crazy week, with so many meetings with the Archdiocese and the Church with lots of things going on and work to do.  And after praying the Angelus, the Two Tony’s share how many parishes are closing or merging in these times, and how many people aren’t going to practice their faith and prayer.  From this, the Archdiocese is gathering information on all that, resulting in many changes and new things.  This brings to mind how everyone’s faith will be affected and how Churches and Parishes were large in the past, in terms of people going and praying, as compared to today.  Father Anthony shares some of the statistics that were found by the Archdiocese and that he discussed in meetings and he speaks on how renewing the faith is what the Archdiocese is going to be watching.