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Episode # 5488 - Interviews With Rose Ganguzza And Mark Curran

November 2, 2020

Due to Producer Nick having scheduling complications, this is a re-air from August 17th and 24th.  Thank you.

It’s Monday with Mary FioRito loyal listeners. Today, she is in very good spirits and she is very excited for she has two guests on today. First, she is joined by Rose Ganguzza, Producer of the latest movie which Mary had the privilege of seeing, Fatima. Rose discusses the reasons for making the film and the importance of its context to show to everyone and why people should see it. Her second guest is Former Lake County Sheriff: Mark Curran who has been on the show before and with Mary, they discuss the latest on his campaign and also on the recent riots and looting going on. For more information on Mary and her guests, visit online at:

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