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Episode # 5467 - TGIF With The Two Tony’s In September

October 1, 2020

Due to Producer Nick being away at a wedding in Michigan this weekend, this is a re-air from September 4th and will officially air on Friday October 2nd.  Thank you. 

TGIF loyal listeners in September from the Two Tony’s, in how Summer is coming to an end and being an unusual summer too with everything that was going on and postponed due to the lockdown from the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Despite all that, they are feeling pretty good and the main focus of discussion is talking about the past readings from Sunday and also talking about sacrifice and the mass itself and remind everyone about the sacrifice being an important part of the mass and also the importance of the mass as a whole.  Father Anthony also talks about himself for a bit, in terms of all that he has been doing and masses conducted recently, and how he feels about the recent readings and speaks of the watchman.