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Episode # 5464 - Reflecting On Before And After The Covid-19 Pandemic

September 29, 2020

Due to Father Anthony having too much work and too many things to do today, this is a re-air from August 11th.  Thank you.

The return of the Two Tony’s this week, after Father Anthony was in Rochester and he’s doing very well and all healthy. Tony feels a little unsure of things, due to lots going on within not only the nation, but the world and that is related to what they discuss, mainly how Saint Stanislaus School will be opening soon. This brings to mind the importance of prayer and the need for prayer in this world and without it, there is no life and nothing. From this, Father Anthony says that with prayer, it helps us hear God speaking to us, as well as Saints. The Two Tony’s reflect on what it was like before and after the lockdown when the Pandemic started, as well as reflect on the results that the Pandemic has had on the entire world. The Two Tony’s also reflect on the hostility going on, not just the recent riots and looting, but also hostility to God.