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Episode # 5409 - The Two Tony’s Share More On Corpus Christi 2020

July 14, 2020

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester this week, but he is alright and healthy and safe and will return Friday, this is a re-air from June 16th.  Thank you.

After the opening prayer, the Two Tony’s share their thoughts on what was going on last week for the Feast Day Of Saint Corpus Christi last week and how successful it was and how important it is, especially in our time in history right now.  This brings to mind how people may lose their way in the world and faith.  Going through the dark nights in life, but remember that God is with us and mysteriously works in our lives to help us and bring light with the unrest.  This leads too good things such as acceptance among the people.  They also point out how other areas around the world celebrated Corpus Christi.