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Episode # 5371 - The Two Tony’s On Getting Back To Normal Or Changed From Covid-19

May 21, 2020

Due to Father Anthony conducting a funeral today, this is a re-air from April 30th.  Thank you.

It’s the last day of April in 2020 and the Two Tony’s are here once again loyal listeners.  Today, they start off the show a little lighter, talking about music and the kinds of music they enjoy, as well as listen on the radio.  They also offer special prayer for the Covid-19 Pandemic and for all those who are sick and those working on the front lines, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and scientist to help out those who are sick and to protect themselves.  It also goes out to all the politicians and the economy as well.  The Two Tony’s discuss today things that they have done during this time, including the online and streaming masses Father Anthony has conducted recently and again how he feels and how it feels different these days.  This also allows them to talk about the Pandemic and how it has changed the world and even when it ends, the world will either be back to normal or from this, the world will be back to normal but changed as well as wonder if what is happening is either a warning or a wake-up call from God.