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Episode # 5292 - The Two Tony’s Start 2020

January 31, 2020

Due to Father Anthony being away on business after coming back from Rochester, but he is doing very well and recovering very well still too, this is a re-air from January 3rd.  Thank you and Father Anthony will be back on the show next week.

On the first live show of 2020, Happy New Year loyal listeners and today Father Anthony had a funeral to conduct this morning, so after a few minutes of a fill in show, he and Tony are here and excited to be on the air.  The Two Tony’s are here in the New Year and they discuss many of the things that they discussed last year and carry into the new year.  This brings to mind how many deal with stress, but Father Anthony reminds us all that at times we need to rest and also allow God to help us and continue to help us get through things in 2020.  That being said and 2020 being here, the Two Tony’s discuss resolutions and how many make them and try to keep them, but at the same time many have difficulty keeping them.  Father Anthony shares some of his and what he wants to do during 2020 and how much he wants to do too.