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Episode # 5247 - Black Friday 2019 - The Two Tony’s On Going Back To A Simpler Time

November 27, 2019

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday and Black Friday going on this week, this is a re-air again from October 4th, another one of our most popular shows and it will officially air later on this week on Friday November 29th.  Thank you and again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy the holiday.  

TGIF with the Two Tony’s everyone.  Today, is the Feast Day of St Franics of Assisi (which has the St Stanislaus Pet Blessing this Saturday) and Father Anthony feels good after conducting and having the Children’s Mass this morning and it always makes him feel good to see the kids in mass.  Tony is feeling good too.  On a different note, Father Anthony continues where he left off yesterday and with what is coming up.  With all this in mind and with lots going on, the Two Tony’s want to go back to a time of clarity and simplicity and when things were less complex and less sexualized in a way.  Both raise valid points on what is going on and explain the differences, especially in terms of right and wrong, truth and lies, and good and evil.  This also expresses a need for prayer, to pray the Rosary, and allow God to hear our prayers in our times of need.