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Episode # 5246 - Thanksgiving 2019 - The Two Tony’s On Guidance For Those Who Are Lost

November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving eveyone from all of us at Winds of Change.  This show will officially air tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, November 28th and it is a re-air of one of our most popular shows from October 3rd.  Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thursday with the Two Tony’s, after being away and due to many things these past few days.  Today, the Two Tony’s share after the Angelus prayer, how October is finally here.  Due to many things, including how Producer Nick has his pumpkin hat on and also how you can “feel” it in the air for fall is here.  On a different note, the Two Tony’s share what they have been doing in the office and so much work to be done with so many things happening and up and coming, this brings to mind blocking out time to prepare for things, as well as people Father Anthony has talked to in the last few days.  Through these, the Two Tony’s point out that we can lose ourselves at times, but find ourselves and find our way with the help from God in the Spiritual Battle that has been discussed on many shows/occasion and the promise Jesus has/had made that He will be there to help us.  The Two Tony’s share how important that is and remind us how God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity) won’t forget us and guide and help us and also how Mary Our mother can help too.