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Episode # 5241 - The Two Tony’s On Health And Hope

November 21, 2019

Due to new equipment being set up, this is a re-air of one of most popular shows from October 24th and November 7th.  Thank you.

The Two Tony’s are back and Father Anthony has been extremely busy with so much going on, including meetings and things going on.  During the first part of the show, Producer Nick joins in the conversation and the 3 discuss health, diets, and exercise a bit.  A different way to start the show and to talk about the 7 Foods Jesus ate which in turn relates to that.  After the first break, the Two Tony’s discuss what Father Anthony had to deal with in the morning, mostly with the Social Security Office.  However, they pick up where they left off on Tuesday, talking about Pope John Paul II and how we as a people deal with “dark nights” in terms of things around us and how it’s important to not lose our hope, joy, and all things good to remind us that God loves and is with us.