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Episode # 5240 - Father Koys And Mikey Straub On Getting Closer To God

November 20, 2019

Due to new technology being set up and put in at the Winds of Change studios, this is a re-air from October 23rd.  Thank you.

It’s Wednesday with Father Koys loyal listeners and he is in good spirits today.  He is joined by his former guest returning today, former mayor of Burr Ridge, IL Mikey Straub, who last time on the show talked about answering the question: “Is God still in the Capital?”  And he went to all 50 state capitals in order to answer that question.  Today, Mikey and Father Koys talk about Mikey’s history with his faith and being a politician for many years.  They also discuss praying the Rosary and how important it is, not just for them, but for all of us.  Being the month of October, Father Koys and Mikey express how important it is as well that by praying the Rosary, it brings us closer to God.  They also express how not only is the Hail Mary and Rosary very important, but the Our Father is another very important and influential prayer.  For more information on Mikey Straub, visit online at:

Mikey Straub: