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Episode # 5238 - Mike Stark With Tony Mochus Sr. And Mary Lou Mochus

November 18, 2019

Due to Mary FioRito and Mike Stark being away still, this is a re-air from October 7th.  Thank you.

Mike Stark returns to Winds of Change once again loyal listeners.  Today he is extremely excited to have on with him actor Tony Mochus Sr. who has been in movies such as Backdraft and The Untouchables and his wife Mary Lou, who is also an actress.  Tony shares some of his acting history working on stage and screen and he shares many fond memories of a long career, including working and being St Paul on Mike Stark’s own Truth and Life Bible App.  Mary Lou also shares about her career and she and Tony also talk about St Paul as a Saint in general.  They also talk about their marriage and lives together, not just as actors, but other aspects of their lives including school, work and careers, and other areas.  Mike Stark allows them to share from their experiences and lives, advice to all those who are dealing with relationships, life, and work, and the family.  Tony and Mary Lou also talk about Tony’s book: I’m Learning from Protestants How to be a Better Catholic.  For more information on Mike Stark and his guests, the Mochus’s, visit online at:          

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