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Episode # 5228 - Mary FioRito Interviews Yvonne Florczak Seeman

November 4, 2019

Due to Mary FioRito dealing with family issues, this is a re-air from October 21st and has been edited at the end for time. Thank you and from all of us at Winds of Change, our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

After weeks of being away, Mary FioRito returns to us loyal listeners.  She has been out due to foot injuries, but she is healing up and doing very well.  Today, she is joined by her friend Yvonne Florczak Seeman; who has what Mary calls an incredible conversion story and how God has had a tremendous influence in her life.  Yvonne describes what God has done for her in her life, as well as her work within the Pro-Life community and how she has helped many women out.  Yvonne also shares her personal story going through 5 abortions, which in turn relates to how God helped her and led to her becoming such an influential woman, from so very intense situations she went through as a teenager.  For more information on Mary and Yvonne, visit:

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