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Episode # 5225 - Father Koys On The Missionaries And Heresies Of The World

October 29, 2019

Due to Father Koys being away this week, this is a re-air from October 2nd and will officially air tomorrow, October 30th.  It has been edited at the end for time.  Thank you.

Flying solo again today, Father Koys continues his discussion he had on the show last week, talking about posing the questions raised in the times we have, surrounding the church and our faith in God.  Today, he tries to express a new idea, being a friend of the truth and honest truth on these arguments.  Father Koys discusses the heresies presented within the working document of the PanAmazonian Synod.  He discusses again how many areas of the world need Missionaries to help out and how important and historical these Missionaries have been and there are to lots of people and tribes in certain areas of the world, including the Amazonian tribes, warning about the errors of their religion.  He also reads passages from the book: Death Comes for the Archbishop, to help understand this and the heresies Father Koys is talking about.