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Episode # 5209 - The Two Tony’s On The Triumph Of The Cross And The Holy Eucharist

October 8, 2019

Due to Father Anthony having a lot of work to do, this is a re-air from September 17th.  Thank you.

The Two Tony’s are back with us and Father Anthony, after starting off with a prayer, goes back to discussing the many things and celebrations that happened this past weekend.  The Two Tony’s talk about and discuss, with all these in mind, is the idea of sin and forgiveness.  Along these lines, the Two Tony’s bring up the Triumph of the Cross here to explain the connection we have in terms of being drained of energy and when to stop at times on some things, in how Jesus went through the same thing.  This also once again, brings to mind how many lose or have lost their faith too and it brings to mind the idea of sin and we all sin, but we receive God’s forgiveness and to not refuse Jesus and God.