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Episode # 5187 - Discussing The Students Of Saint Stanislaus Kostka

September 6, 2019

Father Anthony has returned from his recent visit to Rochester, but he has a lot of work to finish and catch up on.  We apologize for the thought was he'd be on the show today, but we have a re-air from August 23rd.  Again, we apologize.

TGIF everyone and The Two Tony’s are here on this beautiful day in Chicago and more beautiful weather on the way.  Father Anthony feels good today too, for he  had the first Mass for the Students this morning, which the Two Tony’s talk about.  This also brings to mind how the first day of school has come too.  From this discussion, Father Anthony brings up how Jesus began to mature and understand His relationship with God, related to the students again, in how they mature and get their education and figure out, “where they are” in terms of what they want to do and become.  The Two Tony’s also share how things have changed for the kids, not just the differences in the generations, but how they have grown as kids and students.