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Episode # 5175 - Father Koys On Causation

August 21, 2019

Father Koys is here again and today he’s very excited to wrinkle your brain this hour.  His focus again continues on the examination of the works of his recently favorite author, Timothy Gordon and describes the term causation of effects.  With causation in mind, he looks at it in terms of politics and government, in a manner of who’s to blame with things or how to solve problems people have, such as disease or health problems.  One book with causation in mind Father Koys talks about: The Catholic Republic by Timothy Gordon in fact, focuses on and looks at what he calls the Four Causes: Material, Efficient, Formal, and Final, from the great Philosopher, Thomas Aquinas.  Father Koys examines these Four Causes and tries to explain what they are in our lives, as well as relate to our faith in God and scientific areas and how we can use them in many aspects of our lives.