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Episode # 5169 -The Ways Of Life Lead To A Need For Prayer

August 13, 2019

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester and doing very well, this is a re-air from July 23rd.  Thank you.

The Two Tony’s are back with us after being away for a while.  Father Anthony points out two things, one that Cristina is on vacation, one that has been long over due and asks everyone to offer their thoughts and prayers to a family who lost a member, who was tragically killed on the Blue Line in Chicago.  The Two Tony’s share some of the history of the family and of the lost one and from this, they point out how there is so much sadness in life and in the world.  This once again brings up the need for prayer.  They also talk about shopping, not just for food, but in general, as well as how it’s changed these days,  which in turn can reflect on life itself and how life is both the same and changed.  This again brings up, in a way, a need for prayer with things.  Another area the Two Tony’s look at is to focus and refocus on God in these times.