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Episode # 5167 - Grappling With The Reality Of Spiritual Combat

August 9, 2019

Due to scheduling conflicts, this is a re-air from July 12th.  Thank you.

TGIF loyal listeners, as we come to another Friday in July this summer.  Today, the Two Tony’s discuss how the weeks seem to “fly” by and they pick up the discussion from yesterday, dealing with the topic of mysticism and what it is, as well as how it is associated with God.  This brings to mind the idea of not only loving God, but knowing Him.  This also once again brings to mind how things are different around us and how people need reassurance of their faith and/or reminded to keep their faith the more we keep moving away from God.  To further discuss this misplacement of faith and things the church faces, Father Anthony reads some pages from the book: Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within by Taylor R. Marshall, explaining many of the things that come up within the church and those that the church faces and deals with, as well as Father Anthony still talking about the Spiritual Battle we find ourselves in all the time.