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Episode # 5166 - The Living Miracle Of Healing

August 8, 2019

Due to scheduling complications, this is a re-air of one of Kendra Von Esh's most popular shows from July 25th.  Thank you.

Kendra Von Esh is very excited to be on the show once again and she expresses the need and importance of prayer and the power of prayer and turning to the Holy Spirit.  Kendra is very happy to talk about the power of healing with this and how it can lead to miracles.  To help show that, today she is joined by Colleen and John Willard.  Colleen shares the powerful story of how she had an inoperable brain tumor and other multiple illnesses that had her confined to a wheelchair and in pain, but by turning to the Holy Spirit, prayer, going to the Mayo Clinic, and making a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in order to heal and now she is a living, breathing miracle loyal listeners.  One of the many people that prove that God looks out for us and when we prayer to Him and allow Him to come into our lives and help us, miracles can and will happen.  For more information and/or if you’d like to contact Kendra and Colleen Willard, visit and email at:

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