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Episode # 5151 – Kendra Von Esh On Prayer And Praying

July 18, 2019

Kendra Von Esh is back with us on the show and she is really thrilled and excited to be back.  Today, her focus is once again talking about the Holy Spirit and turning to not only the Holy Spirit, but to God and Jesus as well.  Mainly, she talks about prayer, as well as how we have guardian angels helping us.  But back to prayer, Kendra discusses how not only it’s important to do prayer as a physical thing, but also how prayer can help deepen our relationship with God and communicate with Him.  Kendra shares some personal experience of how she turned to prayer and the Holy Spirit, helping and giving her the joy and strength to get through things.  Through this, she points out how if it can help her and bring her closer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, it can for you loyal listeners.  She also talks about the various types and kinds of prayers, including meditative prayer.  For more on Kendra Von Esh, visit: