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Episode # 5143 - A Look At Back In February

July 8, 2019

Due to scheduling complications and the 4th of July Holiday last week, this is a re-air of one of Mary FioRitos most popular shows from June 24th.  Please note, it has been edited for time.  Thank you.

Mary FioRito is back and this time she has a full house with her, for she is joined by Nancy Hyman and her daughter Alexa, who is the founder of Back In February, an online community that helps out women and their families who find themselves with unexpected pregnancies.  To help start this, Alexa shares her own personal story of dealing with becoming pregnant at an early age and how she dealt with all the emotions that come with that situation.  Nancy also shares her memories and feelings during that particular time with their family and her daughter.  With this unexpected pregnancy for Alexa, it has provided the foundation for the online community and creation of Back In February in order to help other women who are faced with this same situation and to provide them the knowledge that it isn’t bad and no need to be afraid.  If you want to read more on Alexa Hyman and her incredible story, as well as Back In February, visit:

Mary FioRito:

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