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Episode # 5136 – Seeking And Using Spiritual Direction

June 27, 2019

Kendra Von Esh is back with us and she is very excited for her guest today is Father Ervin Pio Caliente from the Diocese of Rockford, IL, Kendra’s own personal Spiritual Director. With Father Caliente, Kendra discusses how one gets spiritual direction, as well as how that direction can help you in your daily life and life itself.  Father Caliente talks about himself, not just about becoming a priest, but giving spiritual direction to all who need it.  Being Kendra’s personal Spiritual Director, she and Father Caliente share the story of how they met and how Kendra needed his help in seeking spiritual direction and how it helped her.  From this, they explain the importance of spiritual direction and a director, what it is exactly (the Holy Spirit), and how effective it can be for a person who is feeling lonely, fearful, confused, or other things that make someone lose direction and need the help of spiritual direction.   For more information on Kendra, Father Caliente and seeking spiritual direction, visit:

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