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Episode # 5104 - Reactions To The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire Tragedy

May 14, 2019

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester this week, and doing very well, this is a reair from April 16th.  Thank you.

It’s a sad show today with the Two Tony’s, for they discuss the sad news of how on Monday, the Notre-Dame Cathedral caught and was on fire, causing a lot of people to feel very sad, upset, and affected by this.  This allows the Two Tony’s to share their feelings surrounding this tragedy.  This also leads them to discuss how that there are a lot of bad things going on and around us, this fire included, but also remind us that there is good in the world too.  Father Anthony points out to make sure that we take faith and our faith in God seriously and also brings up the question: “Do we really care?”  The Two Tony’s share what they feel in regards to answering that question and to things going on around us.  Some of them include praying for not only yourself, but for others and Notre-Dame itself, allowing to explain why so many have been affected by the fire, because the cathedral is a symbol of great importance and significance.