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Episode # 5062 - An Examination And Promotion For Saint Stanislaus Kostka School

March 15, 2019

Due to Father Anthony still being away, but will arrive back in Chicago later on this afternoon and he will be on the show next week, this is a reair from February 15th, another very popular show.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone and Father Anthony is so, so happy on the show today, not only is he joined by Cristina and Tony, but today they are joined by Mrs. Alexandra Fajardo and three students, Noah, Dyana, and Ivan from Saint Stanislaus Kostka School.  The children and their teacher discuss the many positive factors and experiences about being students there and how good it feels to be a teaching providing a positive atmosphere and environment for the kids, in a way to “sell the school” as everyone puts it on the show or promote it.   Mrs. Fajardo also explains how she got involved with the school, expressing many wonderful things that have helped not only her and her family, but the students as well and the community.  The three students share what they like and enjoy at the school as well.  Because the kids still have school, after the second break, Cristina and Tony join the conversation on education and school.