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Episode # 5061 - Distress And Stress In The World

March 14, 2019

Due to Father Anthony being away and recovering in Rochester, but he will be back next week, this is a reair from February 28th and another one of our most popular shows.  Thank you.

Distress and stress is the main focus of the show today with Father Anthony talking about all the upcoming things, meetings, and projects for the church, not only St. Stans, but also the church as a whole and in the world with people consumed by the feeling of working all the time.  Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony try to help in establishing the importance of how when dealing with stress, we need to sometimes take a day off or take time to relax and slow down, realizing things will get done and finished, to “re-energize” ourselves when many are consumed with the feeling of working continuously.  Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony share examples of how they’ve “re-energized” themselves and Father Anthony uses Paul’s Letter to the Romans as another example to put things in perspective.