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Episode # 5059 - The Assessment Of The Times In 2019

March 12, 2019

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester again this week, and he is doing very well and alright, this is a rebroadcast of another one of our most popular shows from February 26th.  Thank you.

The gang’s all here on this Tuesday and everyone is, as always excited to be on the air.  Father Anthony starts off how he is excited and good about finishing this week’s letter he always writes.  One question he asks Tony and Cristina, as well as all of you, “How do you assess the times we are in?”  Both Cristina and Tony share some interesting answers of how things are the way they are today.  One thing brought up mostly, is faith and how faith in people have either changed or stayed strong among some.  This also brings up frustration with the signs of the times, bringing up the recent scandals that the church has been faced with.  More questions raised along with this discussion include if the world is leading toward Armageddon and/or collapse due to things people have done, including some of the recent stories in the news.  This again raises the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony has talked about numerous times, using The Lord Of The Rings trilogy to help with explaining this.