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Episode # 5146 - The Two Tony’s On The Restlessness Of The Times

July 11, 2019

The Two Tony’s are back today and the latest development, is that St Stans had a visit from the Fire Department, to conduct a safety inspection around the church and everything is alright and good.  On a different note, the Two Tony’s focus this time, based on this visit, is how they and everyone feel comfortable with not only firemen, but police and priests around to provide a safe feeling.  Another area, is once again talking about the signs of the times and a need for and/or to reform ourselves in terms of our faith and faith in God.  This again, brings to mind the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony has talked about on many shows and on many occasions, due to the fact that we are all sinners, but need forgiveness for those sins and we deal with restlessness around us.  This brings about Father Anthony talking about how God and the world is good, but also how there are things that make life a challenge and today is the Feast Day of Saint Benedict, who may have a way to deal with all this.