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Episode # 3035 - Father Koys On The Works Of Timothy Gordon

February 7, 2019

Due to technical problems, this is a delayed podcast from February 6th and a reair from January 9th.  Thank you and we apologize for any inconveniences.  

Father Koys is on the show once again and he is very excited today. In order to wrinkle everyone’s brain, Father Koys’s discussion focuses this time on continuing the examination of the works of author Timothy Gordon, who Father Koys has brought up many times on the show. From looking at these works, he examines the concepts of freedom and authority and how they aren’t enemies but how they are used in the formation of governments. However, Father Koys looks at a very serious topic within this discussion, one that faces the church all the time, the evil genius himself here, the number one enemy of the church itself: Satan.