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Episode # 3008 - Discussing The Baby Jesus Project

December 31, 2018

Due to it being New Years Eve, this is a reair from December 10th and one of our most popular shows.  From all of us at Winds of Change, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and Happy 2019.  

Mary FioRito is back with us after being away due to many things, but she is doing great.  In fact, today is a very special show, for Mary is joined by her own daughter Frances FioRito, along with two friends of hers: Ianna Kappe and Isabella Keberlein from St Luke’s School in Riverforest, IL.  Being in the second week of Advent, there is much going on in the world, besides Christmas shopping.  Today however, Mary and the little girls discuss the Baby Jesus Project, a recently organized international project in order to promote the Baby Jesus and allow children to bring Him back to Christmas.  These three girls explain the purpose of the Baby Jesus Project, as well as describe the fun they have while being involved in it.  These three also share how they got involved with the Project as well.  For more information on Mary and the girls and the Baby Jesus Project, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Frances FioRito, Ianna Kappe, and Isabella Keberlein: