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Episode # 2082 - More On The Saints And Helping Us

November 21, 2018

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday and Black Friday 2018, this is a reair from November 2nd and will officailly air on November 23rd, 2018.  Thank you and have a safe Black Friday.

TGIF once again everyone after a busy week and getting ready for the weekend.  However, the discussion picks up again from yesterday, with Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony (along with his wife Angelica in studio) talking about turning to the Saints and God.  This due to all the negative things and sayings put on social media and around us, allowing things like that to affect us and our days, making us feel bad for friends and family.  Father Anthony expresses how important the Saints are and how turning to them, like turning to God and Jesus, helps us in our depressions and low moments.  This also raises the need for prayer with Father Anthony encouraging all to pray and to attend mass.