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Episode # 2081 - Keeping The Lords Commandments

November 21, 2018

Due to Thanksgiving, this is a reair from November 8th and will officially air on the radio on Thanksgiving November 22nd, 2018.  Thank you.

And also, from all of us at Winds of Change, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony are on the show and Father Anthony starts off by talking about how he finally made a decision, that prompted him to listen to one of the Winds of Change shows and talks about his reaction to the show and especially himself.  He also shares and expresses a public apology on this and on himself to all our loyal listeners.  Tony, Cristina, and even Producer Nick try to help Father Anthony lift up his spirits on this.  On a different note, Father Anthony wants to address one particular topic today: Keep the Lord’s Commandments and obey them and how if we don’t, we will go to Hell.  Father Anthony expresses that we need to keep and obey them and to keep our faith in God up as well and expressing a need for them and for God and His love to be redeemed.