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Episode # 2077 - Being Blind To The Things Around Us

November 16, 2018

Due to Father Anthony returning from his visit in Florida later on today, this is a reair from October 26th.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone and the “Friday Feeling” has come to everyone today. Father Anthony, Cristina, and Tony are here, not “flying” in today, but they are happy.  On the show, they share not only is it the end of the week, but also with many things coming up this weekend.  However, the focus on the show is Father Anthony discussing again more on the things we struggle to “see” or being blind to the things in our world and lives that we feel are negative or continue to allow a toxicity in the world.  This once again raises the idea of toxicity around us and how many are suffering and struggling in the world and how if all affects the young and the old.  This raises the question of: “Are we inclusive or exclusive?”