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Episode # 2076 - A Need For Places Of Sanctuary And Refuge

November 15, 2018

Due to Father Anthony visiting in Florida, this is a reair from October 18th.  Thank you.

Once again loyal listeners, TGIAF this week and the gang’s all here: Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony.  Everyone is in good spirits today, with all three talking about the importance of prayer and how we need it, as well as finding a physical space in our lives for it.  From this, Father Anthony expresses firmly that we really do need a place for sanctuary and refuge and prayer with all the stress and toxicity around us and allow these two things to detoxify ourselves.  This also brings up more on the destruction from Hurricane Michael and other problems, as well as raises the question of a need for chastisement and punishment.  Ultimately, from all this, it shows a need for God and the need to save and help us with all the tragedies and stress in the world.