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Episode # 2074 - Turmoil And Joy In The World

November 13, 2018

Due to Father Anthony visiting in Florida, this is a rebroadcast from October 30th.  Thank you. 

It’s the final Tuesday in October 2018 and for a minute, Father Anthony is running solo, but Producer Nick comes to the rescue for a few minutes, until Cristina and Tony arrive.  Father Anthony discusses much going on, mostly stress, due to many things happening around us, around the world, and in life in general.  Mainly the tragic shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue that happened over the past weekend is the focus, aiming at how evil, sickness, darkness, and other violent things are causing suffering.  He shares his concerns with Cristina, Tony, and everyone on all these dark concepts, but reminds us that the church and God is here to help and guide us, as well as a need for prayer.  One thing joyful discussed is the Blue Mass that was held last Sunday.