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Episode # 2069 - Reaching A Tipping Point In The World

November 6, 2018

Due to Father Anthony being away because of a funeral, this is a rebroadcast from October 23rd.  Thank you.

It’s Tuesday and everyone is “flying” or “rushing” in again at the start of the show. Father Anthony focuses on today: keeping up with current events, leading to discussing everything that is going on in the world.  And by reaching “a tipping point” Father Anthony points out, he expresses that our only salvation with all this, is Christ Himself.  This brings up the concept of social media and connections and friendships made there, as well as a lack of privacy and drama.  Also, the conversation picks up from where they left off last week, for a need for prayer and sanctuary.  Another topic for discussion today is the sacrificial nature of life and the sacrificial nature of our faith.